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A mod that fully integrates the missing Gilded Elven armor pieces that Bethesda planned for the game while separating it from Elven with a subtle new look.

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Gilded Elven Armor Complete

You've probably all wondered what happened with the Elven Gilded armor. Why did Bethesda only include the cuirass? Looking through the game files, one can see that they planned to include a full armor set but failed to finish for one reason or another. It always bothered me that it was left undone so I went looking on the Nexus for a fix. I found some good ones, but none matched everything I was after: they either didn't integrate it fully or gave it a look that was too extreme. I took it upon myself to make a version that ticks all the boxes and here it is! A full set of Elven Gilded light armor that looks the part and that's distributed throughout the world via level lists to vendors, NPCs, and loot chests. The new gear is balanced to coincide with WAFR and I've included all the necessary keywords and globals to make it seamless with WAFR, CCOR, and Frostfall!

New Look
According to lore, Gilded Elven is not in fact armor that's "gilded" with gold, as you'd think. It's actually a combination of moonstone and quicksilver. Quicksilver has sort of a blue-green hue with purple mixed in. I've gone for a subtle change which hopefully reflects what this alloy could look like.

Lightweight Design

No new meshes or textures are used to create the look, only a new cubemap. The textures are applied via texture sets, so the mod will use vanilla file paths for elven armor meshes and whatever texture replacer you have. Therefore, I'd recommend you keep your vanilla armor close to vanilla (i.e. golden color) for it to look correct.

Items: New boots, gauntlets, helmet, and shield to match the vanilla gilded cuirass in look and armor ranking.
Naming Convention: Same as vanilla: Elven Gilded __
New items follow the vanilla AR of 20% better than standard elven. Weight is the same as glass.
Distribution: Integrated into proper vanilla lvl lists between scale and glass.
Crafting: All items fully craftable with breakdown recipes.
  • Integrated CCOR crafting recipes.
  • WAFR keywords and globals used.
Additional Changes: Merged USLEEP fixes, fixed a few level lists, streamlined gilded outfits, and changed the elven armor recipes to fit better with my changes.

Optional Files:

  • "Suck in that Gut:" slims down the male elven (and ofc gilded elven) cuirass so the plackart portion doesn't protrude so far out. Grab it, it's awesome.
  • "Optional Cubemap:" makes the armor slightly brighter.


  • Skyrim.esm & Update.esm.
  • Vanilla Elven meshes that use base-game file paths.
  • Vanilla Elven armor textures or retexes that are light in color.

  • Anything that modifies the gilded armor, elven crafting recipes, and light armor level lists will need a patch.
  • Any vanilla elven mesh replacers that are custom (i.e. not designed to use vanilla style textures) will be INCOMPATIBLE.

  • WAFR, Complete Crafting Overhaul - Remade (CCOR), and Frostfall if you want the keywords and globals to have any use.
  • aMidianBorn Book of Silence: Highly recommend Cabal's golden retex for main elven and his "Content Addon" for the dark Thalmor standalone variant.
  • Morrowloot Ultimate: I've included a patch with improved lvl lists so you will have a chance to see high quality gear.

Main mod is finished, but will release a Dragonborn patch soon. Also open to requests.

Team TAL for the cubemaps.
shodan44 for "Suck in that Gut."
Kryptopyr for her wonderful mods and sensible balancing skills.