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A lore-friendly fox companion to help you on your quests. Can be transformed into multiple magic-casting elemental forms!! Can also be told to live at one of your homes.

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Skyrim SE & VR version has arrived! The download can be found here.

Eevee the Magical Fox
by Lazer

Eevee is a new lore-friendly companion which can be found south of Stendarr's Beacon all alone inside the remains of their owner's burned down house. Eevee's owner had been an inexperienced conjurer who carelessly summoned a Flame Atronach that burned down his house with him inside. Eevee managed to escape but has no one left to look after it :(

Eevee will follow you if talked to and will fight alongside similar to a companion dog. If dismissed it will go back to the burned house or will live at one of your houses if asked. Eevee can also carry your things and initially has its owner's set of flawless gems in possession.

If you happen to have any spare elemental salts on hand Eevee can be transformed into a variety of magic-powered forms.

New to version 3.7 (5/26/17)

This release improves Eevee's dialogue and out of combat mechanics.

  • You can now set Eevee's home anywhere! By saying "How about living here?" Eevee's home will be set to the current location.
  • Added "I need you to do something." to initiate favors. Previously you could only initiate favors through holding use.
  • Other assorted dialogue cleanup to adjust priority and prompt fewer options when Eevee is waiting.

Eevee's Alternate Forms


Eevee is standalone and should be compatible with most other mods, just load it near the end of your load order.

I'm running EFF and Convenient Horses (among dozens of other follower mods) and there are no conflicts.

I'm hearing this plugin is also compatible with SE although I haven't tried myself. You may also want to load the .esp in the 64 bit Creation Kit and re-save it for a 'proper' conversion but only do this if you're confident of what you're doing.



Due to a bunch of script files and other resources that may change between versions, it is highly recommend to download using the NMM. This way everything should go where it belongs automatically and will make upgrading a breeze for newer versions.

If downloading manually, copy the contents of the Data folder into your Skyrim's Data folder. This includes EeveeFox.esp and the Scripts/Meshes/Textures folders provided. Keep track of these (scripts especially) for removal later if upgrading.

IMPORTANT: When updating from an older version or if having difficulty getting Eevee's dialogue to open:

  • Load mod, go in game, save, close.
  • Load/save once more. Close final time.
  • Load game and the scripts should have reset.

This appears to work and solved an issue which had previously halted progress for me.

Eevee uses the default fox noises for breathing. If this is too loud for you there's a mod that can be used to help with this: Fox breathe lowered


  • Dismiss Eevee
  • Type stopquest "DialogueFollowerFox" in console
  • Save (new save recommended in case you change your mind later)
  • Uninstall the mod and related files

If you experience any issues afterwords you may want to follow up with a save cleaner and check for NULL scripts to remove. I had a NULL script causing a crash once and was able to fix it with Fallrim Tools.

Youtube Reviews
thanks LiveStyleGaming and Seriezs!!

Previous Updates

  • Added "can do favors" flag so that Eevee can be commanded to wait certain places, attack specific things, etc. This may also solve a possible bug with sneaking. Note: You will need to dismiss and ask Eevee to follow again.
  • Vampiric Eevee's drain spell tweaked in attempt to prevent being "stuck on". The range has also been increased so it will be cast on dragons and mammoths too.
  • Spirit Eevee's magic attack has had the effects changed a little.
  • All alt forms' base attack damage dropped down to "6 + player_level * 1.1". Normal form still "4 + player_level".

  • Includes a missing SEQ file that was preventing Eevee's dialogue from displaying.
  • Cleaned the mod with TES5Edit removing any unused edits and ITM records.
  • Reconfigured Eevee's transformation mechanics to use race changes instead of swapping between different NPCs (which are now removed). BECAUSE OF THIS, MAKE SURE EEVEE IS IN NORMAL FORM PRIOR TO UPGRADING TO V3.5
  • Eevee's minimum level is now 5, maximum 70. Eevee was unintentionally capping at 50 before.

  • Overhaul of Eevee's alternate forms' attacks.
  • Just about all added magic damage that often triggers during melee attacks has been removed. The visuals and some side effects are still there (such as causing a stagger) but the added damage was OP at lower levels and almost pointless at higher levels.
  • Base melee damage for the alternate forms is now calculated as "7 + player_level * 1.2". This way the alternate forms still perform stronger than base form melee attacks but the damage stays scaled for all levels.
  • Ranged spells have been split into 3 tiers. Eevee will not cast magic until level 10 when tier 1 begins. Tier 2 begins at level 30 and tier 3 begins at level 60. As of now, for a given form, all 3 tiers will appear to cast the same spell however damage increases at each tier (25/50/75 respectively). Eventually I plan to make the higher tier spells appear more powerful but for now this at least fixes balance.
  • Electric Eevee renamed Storm Eevee. I think this sounds a little better and mirrors the Storm Atronach's name.
  • Added updated mesh assets that support glowing eyes. I may have accidentally left these out of previous versions (oops!)
  • Storm Eevee's eye glow color has been adjusted to match the effects better.
  • Spirit form has been switched to use 'spirit' style attacks in order to better fit the theme. The spirit attacks deal typeless magic damage.
  • Small tweaks to the Vampiric form's attacks.

  • Magic casting is now in!! All alternate forms cast ranged magic (vampiric form requires closer proximity). Uses stronger magic when player is over level 40. Still needs some tweaking.
  • Various stat and behavior changes. Base form is now unaggressive but alternate forms are aggressive.
  • Melee attack base damage scales with the player's level (Formula is: Attack Power = Player's Level + 4). Alt form's additional magic effects still stack. Might do the same with base health too?
  • Increased sneak, speed, stamina, and magicka.
  • Cleaned up the transform menu dialogue

  • Glow maps have been applied to all of Eevee's alternate forms. Eyes will glow and in some cases parts of the body depending on the form.
  • Eevee's transform effects have been fixed so that there is no force or damage done. This was a big problem before because transforming Eevee in your house could knock items everywhere!

  • Fixed typo when setting Eevee's home.
  • Hopefully fixed potential infighting between Eevee and other companions. Please let me know if this is still a problem.
  • Eliminated time limit for Eevee transformations.

  • Vampiric form added.
  • Added some cool new effects when Eevee transforms.
  • Various bug fixes.

  • You can now tell Eevee where to live!!
  • Eevee's Spirit form added.
  • Significant changes to Eevee's script/dialogue.
  • Cleaned the mod a bit and removed leftover stuff that may have caused conflicts with other mods.

  • Eevee can be recruited regardless of another animal companion. (also fixes a bug that some people were having getting Eevee to recruit!)

  • Added Eevee's ice and electric forms.
  • Dialogue bugfixes to allow full interaction with all elemental forms.
  • Compatibility fixes so there should be less conflict with follower mods.

  • Added Eevee's flame form.
  • Eevee's normal form will now only perform basic melee attacks. Flame form takes advantage of fire based attacks.

  • Fixes confusion on the location of the Scripts folder in the zip (now nested in the Data folder as it should be).
  • Eevee now casts fire attacks.

  • Fixes a missing scripts folder essential to following >_<