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A unique texture for the predators grace boots using the vanilla farmers boots/shoes

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A unique texture for the predators grace boots using the vanilla farmers boots/shoes meshes

There are several texture styles, ones with blood and ones without and ones with paw pads on the bottoms of the shoes and ones without, to get the styles simply go into the alternate texture folder and pick your desired texture, then copy it to the texture folder and change its name to match, by default the textures are paw pads with no blood. 

I made a hide boots mesh thats simply hide boots with blood but the thing about hide boots is they clip horribly with forsworn armor which is annoying considering you find these in a forsworn camp, Ill upload an alt file with the hide boots version once I get it working.

Part of my series of mods to give separate textures to all the unique armor
 in skyrim. Once I complete them all ill make a all in one version and delete the separate file pages but I want to give people access to them as soon as I finish them! Or maybe not, I can't decide. I might just make a compilation but keep the modular files up.

I will also be doing separate textures for all the unique jewelry and weapons in the game that don't already have one that I like or know about

see below for a list, I will update with links as I release them.

Like all my mods in this series I've included an unenchanted version that can be accessed by the console or additemmenu, simply search for the item in the console or additemmenu and two records should pop up, one is the original vanilla version you find in game and one is the unenchanted version. that way you can apply your own enchantments and keep the item!



charmed necklace

In progress

bond of matrimony
circlet of waterbreathing
Diadem of the Savant
enchanted ring
the gauldur amulet
llas-tei's ring
kynes token
muiri's ring
nightweavers band
ring of bloodlust
ring of instinct
ring of the moon
ring of the hunt
saarthal amulet
savos aren's amulet 
silver blood family ring 
vittoria's wedding band
yisra's necklace
ahzidal's ring of arcana
ahzidal's ring of necromancy
Locket of Saint Jiub



predator's grace

In progress

taron dreth's robes
ancient helmet of the unburned
ancient shrouded armor?
ahzidal's armor set
diadem of the savant
gloves of the pugilist
ironhand guantlets
movarth's boots 
armor of the old gods set
tumblerbane gloves
visage of mzund


In progress

bow of the hunt
firiniel's end
froki's bow
glass bow of the stag prince
steel battleaxe of fiery souls

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