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This is a bodyslide and weighting fix for all TERA Armors shoes/boots/high heels. All shoes now have NiOverride High Heels. Supporting only UNP, UNPB, and UUNP.

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Hello everyone!

For the past two years I've been working on a TERA Armors shoes bodyslide and weighting fix. I use a ton of custom animations in my game from character idling to survival mods. Whenever I used a full set from TERA Armors by Asianboy345, all of the boots and high heels would bug the crap out of me. It wasn't till I was at me breaking point to take a look at the original to see what was really going. Man! Was it a mess!
Calf weight covered the entirety of the shoe along having a full on weighted foot weight. Also there was no toe weights in any of them. This may have been left until BodySlide and Outfit studio became to being of how we know it is now. With this said it was time to give our beloved TERA Armors collection a much needed upgrade.


TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim by Asianboy345
Any conversion from TERA Armors BBP HDT Conversion from Robjunk
Any UNP family body and textures
NetImmerse Override (for non Racemenu users)

Download any file of your choosing with any mod manager (Vortex, NMM, Mo), and click yes to overwrite when prompted. If you download the UUNP bodyslide, once done installing, launch BodySlide and Outfit studio. Navigate to choose groups and scroll down to the following (If you have Robjunk's UUNP bodyslides it would be up top):

TERA Armors Shoes Fix

Click, build, and enjoy <3

Alright! You made some fixes. What are they?
1. Completely redid the weighting in all shoes
2. Adjusted the mesh by widening the toe area to make it look there was an actual foot and not a boneless jelly fish
3. Adjusted the height so now the heels and boots will actually act like high heels
4. Defaulted the reference texture to a human female rather than a Khajit (no offence to Khajits)
5. Remade the UNP high heel reference in the high heels and still kept the ankle.

Will these work with retextures and conversion?

Ahh! I use HDT High Heels...could you make a version please?
Eventually. There's some additional fixes that I would like to address first in the ESM before making the HDT High Heels.

Any CBBE version in the near future?
No unfortunately. If I plan to make a CBBE version it would be with the original mod and my own  CBBE conversion.

I like this! Could you put this in SSE?
Nope! A fantastic mod author by the name Io121 TERA Armors Collection, is already doing what I've done here.

All credit goes to Asianboy345 for leaving his work up on the Nexus with open permission.
Robjunk for amazing UNP BBP HDT and UUNP conversions.
Expired6978 for Racemenu and NetImmerse Override
Caliente and Ousinus for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim
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