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Many staves that do whacky things, from turning them into anything from Sweet Rolls to Gems, added to the game and located in Whiterun.

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This mod is a number of staves all modded to turn enemies into a variety of things from Sweet Rolls to Gems. Also in this mod is the ability to forge Soul Gems from the items dropped by one of my staves (Staff of Gem Fragments). The Staves are available at the Vendor by the well in Whiterun along with purchasable Gem Fragments. Please always have my most recent file downloaded for this is how you can get your new Staves that I add.

UPDATE 1.5 -- Added Staff of Alcohol to the Mysterious Tree Stump Location and to the Staff Vendor!

UPDATE 1.4 -- Added Staff of Ingots to the Mysterious Boulder Location and to the Staff Vendor!

UPDATE 1.3 -- There is now a vendor for these Staves (at about 100k g per) and for Gem Fragments (price varies) in front of the well in Whiterun. This is for all of you who may need another staff, but it doesn't come cheap!

Current List of Staves: Staff of Ghostly Remains, Staff of Sweet Rolls, The Golden Touch, Staff of Boots, Staff of Salt, Staff of Gems, Banker's Staff, Daedra's Heart Staff, Staff of Gem Fragments, Craftable Soul Gems, Staff of Cheese, Rose of Butterflies, Staff Of Ingots, and Staff of Alcohol!!

~ Staff of Ghostly Remains - Enemies are turned into Ghostly Remains
~ Staff of Sweet Rolls - Enemies are turned into Sweet Rolls
~ The Golden Touch - Explodes enemies into a flurry of 50 gold coins
~ Staff of Boots - Turns enemies into boots
~ Staff of Salt - Enemies are turned into Salt Piles
~ Staff of Gems - Enemies are turned into 5 of each Gem in the game
~ Banker's Staff - Turns enemies into a coin purse filled with Gold
~ Daedra's Heart Staff - Enemies are turned into Daedra Hearts
~ Staff of Gem Fragments - Enemies are turned into 1 of 5 materials needed to craft Soul Gems
~ Staff of Cheese - Turns enemies into cheese LOTS of cheese
~ Rose of Butterflies - Enemies are turned into Blue and Monarch Butterflies
~ Staff of Ingots - Enemies are turned into 5 of each Ingot in the game
~ Staff of Alcohol - Enemies are turned into 1 of each 15 Alcoholic Beverages in the game

For the location of my staves please just click on the images link then look for Location 1 & 2 Parts 1 & 2. If the location is a bit off from my screenshots I apologize, should be very close though. Sorry for any inconvenience.

My link on Steam Workshop:
3:22 is Staff of Sweet Rolls in the Skyrim Mods: Week #11 video!