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A different colorful robe variant for each school of magic. With open permissions so you can make your own texture pack!

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With the power of RAINBObelieving in myself and also I have added new robe textures for EVERY school of magic! This mod replaces the textures for all schools of magic from novice to master.

Novice, Apprentice and Adept share a fainter to brighter look of the same color scheme. Expert and Masters each have thier own unique spin!

You can check out Adept Expert and Master robes in the pictures and also laugh at Nelacar in his APPRENTICE robes


Create your very own texture set by extracting the required apprentice and journeyman mage robe files from the skyrim texture.bsa and editing them however you want! I personally used and multiple translucent layers to achieve the effect in this mod! 

Do you want everyone to have eau de nil colored robes for some reason? incredibly easy, open your desired version of the various textures for mage robes in your fave image editor, You need one that uses layers so no ms paint : (.

then go and get the color values for eua de nil, make a layer over top of the robe texture the same size as said robe texture, completely fill this layer with eua de nil, cry because eua de nil doesn't look as cool as you thought it would, continue because you've gone too far now, adjust the opacity of the eua de boring layer and save as a .dds file.

so now you might want to preview your creation without going into the game! Easy, open up the appropriate mesh file with nifscope, go to the nitrishape for the robes, expand it, expand "bslightingshaderproperty" like on "bsshadertextureset" right click on the texture that matches the one you edited, click "choose" and open your new creation in nifscope. Cry some more because eua de nil is super boring still.

Once you have your edited texture files simply navigate to my texture folder, take not of my texture names and overwrite them in whatever way you wish, creating a new mod with the same folder structure and overwriting mine, replacing mine, whatever. Thats it! your new textures will show up in game.

Now all thats left to do is to upload your mod that makes all robes eua de nil and tell me so I can link it from this page! 

Ill write out a more detailed tutorial at some point soon so anyone can do it! Ill also write out how I got the gradients in the mod!

I guess it might be better to do that via an article


make the first three robe tiers more unique
make unique versions for novice and apprentice
??????? other stuff probably ?????
make a separate mod that gives master wizards the proper robes
finish and upload my archmage robes 
make expert and master illusion robes that match the adept apprentice and novice ones better and vice versa


You are allowed to use this mods esp structure to create your own texture packs and upload it as your own, just credit me!

You are allowed to modify my textures as long as you credit me though I do reserve the right to ask you to not, I cant imagine what would cause me to do this though.

Also if you use this mod to make your own texture pack please pm me about it so I can link it!

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