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A fix for the terrible grabbing or holding function.

Permissions and credits
I made a presentation video. It should answer most of your questions:

You can decide what type of items are affected during the installation. For Skyrim Special Edition, use this version instead.

I suggest using the FOMOD installer. Since this mod is only meshes, you can install and uninstall it at anytime, but it might
overwrite some high poly mesh mods. You can tweak the meshes yourself or ask the author of the mod to make a patch.
There is a tutorial at the end of the video. It takes about 10 seconds.

Items are included if they meet two or more of the following criteria:
-Have the same angle in-game and in NifSkope (necessary criteria)
-Is usually recognized from that angle
-Does not look significantly better in other positions

Items that are not included:
-Materials, Equipment, Weapons, Treasures, Books, Most food and ingredients

Questions and Answers

Q: What the hell?
A: I found this tweak by accident when i was toying with object weights. The motion setting Inertia allows the tensor
setting to work consistently. I started using the value -0.001 after finding out that values too low or too high can make items vibrate and fly.

Q: How did you get the mesh/.nif files?
A: I used the program B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor and edited the files with NifSkope 2.0 Dev 7

Q: My items are stuck in a weird position. How do I fix this?
A: You can loot it and drop it to change the position. You could also disable the mod temporarily if you can't pick the item at the moment.

Q: Can I do this with other items?
A: Check the video. I will not make compatibility patches for other mesh mods, but you can ask the authors to do it.

Q: Why do my items have a tilt when I drop them?
A: You have to look straight ahead and make sure there is enough space before dropping something. Don't drop two things at once either.

Update log
1.0: 195 items. 7 groups.
1.1: 207 items. 8 groups. Added collectibles group, inkwell and cheese wheel.