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Surreal journey into a madman's nightmare. Earn a small player home as well as the favor of the Daedric Prince Vaermina...

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Hey there! 
This is an LE port of SlimeSire's player home Waking Nightmare
I haven't done anything to this other than porting over the esp and BSA file, and SlimeSire gets full credit for creating this.
Please make sure to Download the original mod and leave endorsements!

Please reffer to the Original Description for detials!

I ported these for personal screenshot usage, and simply shared these on the nexus because other people wanted to do
the same. I will not be updating these mods or creating patches unless i
need them for my personal use.




Two new areas have coalesced into being in the overgrown lower reaches of the Tower of Eyes...

Perform a grisly ritual to revivify the old custodian of the Tower as a new merchant...

Confront of the nightmares of the nine Jarls and gain access to Elixirs of Nocturnal Visitation...

And more...

Deep beneath the Riften ratways lies the Underkeep, where all manner of detritus and derelicts have accrued. Among them is Xiran, a sorcerer and madman who has recently entered into a compact with Vaermina, the mistress of dreams. Now his consciousness lies imprisoned deep within a nightmare of the Daedra Lord's design. Yet for a soul deranged enough, such a place might serve a worthy domicile...

Do you dare call the nightmare of a lunatic home?

Make your way to the Riften ratways and find the entrance to the Underkeep (see images). Investigate the skeleton of Xiran's apprentice to begin your journey.

  • All vanilla crafting (including custom alchemy lab, enchanting table, and smelter).
  • 3 custom storage containers (stockpile, occult cache, examination table) plus an additional overturned cabinet!
  • 3 mannequins, 3 bookcases, 8 weapon racks, 3 unique weapon displays.
  • New spell 'Awaken' allows you to return to the nightmare whenever you wish (Cast again to return to your previous location).