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Eerie and atmospheric player home for the Dragonborn who walks a darker path.

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Hey there! 
This is an LE port of SlimeSire's player home Zulfardin
I haven't done anything to this other than porting over the esp and BSA file, and SlimeSire gets full credit for creating this.
Please make sure to Download the original mod and leave endorsements!

Please reffer to the Original Description for detials!

I ported these for personal screenshot usage, and simply shared these on the nexus because other people wanted to do
the same. I will not be updating these mods or creating patches unless i
need them for my personal use.

Deep beneath the College of Winterhold lies the ruin of old Zulfardin. Once a temple dedicated to the worship of Namira, the Daedric Prince of revulsion, now its cloisters quietly await the hand of a new master. Will you inherit the legacy of the vile acolytes who once called this place home?

At the foot of the College of Winterhold (see images). You'll need to complete a short dungeon and make an offering of human hearts to gain access to your new lair.

-All basic crafting stations, including a custom smelter, enchanting table, and alchemy lab.
-4 custom storage containers (reliquary, specimen table, alchemical stores, and larder).
-3 mannequins, 8 weapon racks, 3 unique weapon plaques, 2 bookcases
-Teleportation to 4 locations added to various Holds throughout Skyrim (Whiterun, Riften, Markarth, and Solitude).
-The Chrysalid of Metamorphosis allows you to alter your appearance.