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Journey into Peryite's Pits and earn the Taskmaster's blessing - as well as an otherworldly lair to call your home...

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Hey there! 
This is an LE port of SlimeSire's player home Providence and Pestilence
I haven't done anything to this other than porting over the esp and BSA file, and SlimeSire gets full credit for creating this.
Please make sure to Download the original mod and leave endorsements!

Please reffer to the Original Description for detials!

I ported these for personal screenshot usage, and simply shared these on the nexus because other people wanted to do
the same. I will not be updating these mods or creating patches unless i
need them for my personal use.



Rejoice! The Taskmaster has visited upon his domain a new boon for the worthy acolyte! Wielders of Peryite's relic, the Spellbreaker, will discover access to a brand new spell within the Poisoned Fane.

The ability 'Curry Favor' will allow the acolyte to manifest a prayer bowl, and make offerings to the Prince of Pestilence for a variety of rewards.

These include the ability to conjure the Pestilential Emissary, a weak but cunning beast with a poisonous bite, at the cost of a random soul gem.

Additionally, the entrance to Fishbelly Grotto has been moved to prevent conflict with users of the Myrwatch mod.

(NOTE: When exchanging potions for poisons, player brewed potions will not suffice; they must be vanilla variants.)

Peryite's minions have failed him yet again, much to the Taskmaster's chagrin. In an attempt to harness their master's noxious essence, they have unleashed an otherworldly miasma upon the ancient temple of Sagradul, twisting men into monsters that threaten to creep into the world without.

Yet for the intrepid soul, the failing of the Taskmaster's acolytes poses a rare opportunity. Indeed, with the fall of Sagradul, the power that resides there would make a worthy recompense for anyone foolhardy enough to undertake the descent into darkness...

Travel to Fishbelly Grotto just outside Morthal (see images) and begin your journey.

  • Peryite's blessing of Vile Vapors allows the Dragonborn to spew his noxious essence, poisoning foes.
  • Teleportation to 3 locations throughout Skyrim (the Riften Ratway, the Whiterun Catacombs, and Peryite's Shrine in the Reach).
  • 2 custom storage containers (Living Root and Curios) in addition to 2 urns.
  • Additionally, Living Roots have been added to each of the 3 teleportation locations and serve as a linked storage container.
  • 3 mannequins, 3 bookcases, 12 weapon racks
  • All vanilla crafting including a custom smelter, enchanting table, and
  • alchemy lab (Body-Burner, Altar, and Plague-Gotten Specimen).

HUGE thanks to the wonderful Nickorasu for her amazing custom assets, which can be found here. These are truly gorgeous and seamlessly integrate into the already incredible art direction of Skyrim. This was my first time working with assets outside the vanilla game files, and I had an absolute blast! I can't overstate enough how creative and cool Nikki's work is.