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Sasuke uchiha save agem
orc male, vampire rebel, assassin/assasin.

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MY save game "sasuke uchiha"
    It's another save game for skyrim.
    He is a male orc and a vampire.
    He's on the side of the next factions. "
- dark bratherhood
- rebel (stormclaock)
- vampire
- skyrim: the forsworn conspiracy parte cu forsworn
- visited all the places in the map (ruins, caves, villages, cities, everything)
    My save game is 99% ready because I didn't do 3 dadedric prince quests that is "
- skyrim boethiah's calling
- orc The Cursed Tribe is a Daedric quest
- The Whispering Door (The Whispering Door is a Daedric quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must investigate the Whispering Lady in Dragonsreach)
    I didn't do them because they don't give them to me, quests don't start even if I use setstage (cheats) they still don't start whatever they are.
    MY character has lvl 500 as if at all skill (smithing, two hand) lvl 501 because I play the game not npc, meaning I have to kill npc not npc on me.
    Of course I have an amulet and a ring that has all the enchancement that the game has as high a percentage as possible, and the shield of course.
    I used bad file and I have all daedra quest item, high lvl and skill status high to all npc, made and friends, of course not guard and enemy npc.
    My save game uses many modes like the following:
- better vampire
- unlimited enchantment
- unlimited follow
- unlimited amulets / rings
- and more.
    But if you use it without these ways you should have no problems.
    There are 1 or 2 problems:
1 I don't know why the guard says that I would recommence on my head, as if I did something bad and I always have to pay even though I didn't do anything wrong.
Used crimes bat adi cheat that cancels crimes price (crime set .. or how to order)
2 might sometimes get stuck or get out of the game (for this problem I'm sure it's just me but I have to say).
    If I created something disconford, I'm sorry.
    I play as well as I can, I use the game to the fullest.
    It is useless to play the game if you do not do all the missions that exist and can be done, with cheats and visited all the places, ask the map, each part, each building / ruins / caves / city / villages.
    Those who say it's 100% full but haven't done everything the game has, every mission, everything I said more are just liars, they don't know how to play the game or games.