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LE port:

Explore the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the worship of Molag Bal, the Dominator. Claim it for your own. Debase yourself in the name of your one true master...

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Hey there! 
This is an LE port of SlimeSire's player home Krovaxis.
I haven't done anything to this other than porting over the esp and BSA file, and SlimeSire gets full credit for creating this.
Please make sure to Download the original mod and leave endorsements!

Please reffer to the Original Description for detials!

I ported these for personal screenshot usage, and simply shared these on the nexus because other people wanted to do
the same. I will not be updating these mods or creating patches unless i
need them for my personal use.



PLEASE NOTE: In order for this update to function as intended, current holders of Krovaxis will need to perform a clean reinstall of the mod. Apologies for the inconvenience!

The weak and the winnowed tremble! Molag Bal has visited a host of new powers upon his temple. Long dormant beneath the ice, these functions of Krovaxis once again present themselves to a worthy steward...

The dead roam the halls once more!

Disciple Himskar and Vicar Ignand rise from their centuried slumber to resume their service to the Dominator.

(NOTE: This power can be relinquished and reacquired at the player's leisure, in case the presence of the specters becomes too annoying.)

Bal's monolithic heirloom -- the Stone of Reprisal -- has been realized to its fullest potential.

The player can now summon it to their location, allowing easy transportation to and from any place on Nirn or beyond.

With the aid of the previous steward's research, augmentations can be made that allow for a powerful effect upon conjuring the Stone.

Additionally, the way to Krovaxis will remain shut until the 'House of Horrors' quest is complete. Only the worthy may enter...


Beyond the desolate precincts of Winterhold, icy vistas of frost-fanged islands and inhospitable glaciers populate the Sea of Ghosts. Nameless ruins of ancient Nordic provenance lie buried deep beneath the tons of ice, rock, and snow. And beneath even that - Krovaxis, the remains of a temple once dedicated to the worship of Molag Bal.

What foul confidences with the Daedra took place in those frozen halls? What unspeakable rites?

If a voice whispers its invitation in your ear, do not heed it. Unless you are a Dragonborn of crueler inclinations...

Far to the northeast of Winterhold (see images). Upon installing the mod, a quest will update your map and guide you to the Nameless Cavern.

  • The vampire Elder Saaruk will inflict the player with Sanguinare Vampiris should they desire (Note: I made the decision NOT to include a Vampire Lord option to avoid conflicts with the Dawnguard DLC).
  • Unwholesome Flesh will allow the enterprising vampire to feed without end.
  • The Stone of Reprisal will allow the player to travel between the Riften and Solitude Halls of the Dead and back again.
  • 3 custom storage containers (Cabinet of Curiosities, Embalming Station, and Ancient Weapon Cache) as well as 3 burial urns.
  • 4 mannequins, 4 bookcases, 8 weapon racks, 1 bed (the Shrine Tender's Repose)
  • All vanilla crafting including a custom smelter, enchanting table, and alchemy lab (Furnace, Shrine of Molag Bal, and Antiquitous Research)