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Creates a small group of houses outside of Whiterun to create an expanded feeling of the Whiterun area.

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To the immediate southeast of Whiterun lies a few ruined houses destroyed during bandit raids that occurred long ago. While the farms were rebuilt, many of the houses remain in ruins where vagrants, beggars and squatters take refuge hoping for their luck to change. Besides the houses lie old fortifications that have been taken over by thieves, rogues and bandits trying to find a good hiding place from the law. There is also a hatch located around the outer perimeter of Whiterun that holds a small hidey-hole for anyone looking to rest their heads for a few hours.

  • Several basic NPCs around Whiterun
  • Few ruined houses
  • Couple of normal houses with interiors
  • Two ruined towers with small interiors
  • Temporary player home

I will be actively trying to update and fix this mod to be better in order to make it more polished.