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This mod is a re-upload from the mod author Ta/Big Grand who's not on the Nexus and cannot be easily reached. It's original name was "Wasawasa阳光之枪v0.91". I do not take any credit for the mod itself. Only for the script implementation of the weapon's pre-made custom animations with "Dynamic Animation Replacer" by Felski.

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Dark Souls Sunlight Spear adds the spell/miracle Sunlight Spear to Skyrim as a bow and arrow weapon. Mod comes with it's own custom made assets. The weapon(s) can be crafted at any forge with enough gold coins/Septims. The mod also comes with it's own unique bow animations so "Dynamic Animation Replacer" is a hard requirement. The weapon upon firing a Sunlight Spear deals shock damage and scales under the Restoration skill tree.

Version 1.0.1: Fixed female variation to display Sunlight Spear in--game. Added custom launch and firing sounds for Sunlight Spear Charge weapon.