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Restores the recognition of vampire status that was accidentally omitted in Chesko's Frostfall versions newer than 3.2. Requires version 3.4.1. If using 3.2 or older versions you don't need it.

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Brief description:
A fixed script for the newest version of Frostfall 3.4.1 by Chesko that will make vampires work as intended by the mod.

Detailed description:
A bug was introduced after versionĀ 3.2 of Frostfall regarding vampires. While the MCM description claims that setting vampire status to 'supernatural' prevents frostbite and setting it to 'immortal' prevents collapsing from exposure, vampires will actually suffer from both regardles of settings. It is now a fairly well know problem and the solution was provided by Chesko himself. The problem originates from an omission of one line in one script (if you want to know more check the bug report on Frostfall's mod page titled "undying passive doesn't provide immunity to frostbite/immortal option not working"). Unfortunately a newer version of Frostfall with this fixed was never released. Since compiling a script from Frostfall was a real chore and required a lot of external source files I've decided to upload a fixed version here so other users that have the same problem don't need to go through this (and it's about time I did something useful for this community other than downloading mods:)).

Place after(below) Frostfall in your mod manager or unpack to your Data directory if installing manually.

It adds one line in one script used by Frostfall. Should be compatible with anything.

Chesko of course:)
user Dracotorre for providing an explanation


Q: Why am I still getting exposure penalty while being a vampire.
A: This is intended. In 2.6 and older versions vampires were exempt from exposure. Since Frostfall 3 you'll still get skill penalties for freezing even as an undead. However, depending on your settings, you get a +100 bonus to warmth & won't get frostbite (supernatural) and won't collapse from exposure (immortal). To get total immunity like in the older versions you need to disable the mod in the MCM.

Q: Does this fix work with Special Edition?
A: Honestly I don't know. I don't have SE. If the file _frost_exposuresystem.pex from SE is identical to the one in LE then it should, but I can't give any guarantees.

Ok, I think that covers it.