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Armor that Guts wears during the years he fights with the Band of the Hawks

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So, quarantine is boring, I decided to try some modding as a Berserk fan, this is the result.

DISCLAIMER: I'm a noob modeler and I will probably not have enough time to improve this when quarantine will be over (hopefully soon), you're however free to work on this mod/include it in yours without asking for my permission, a simple credit as the original author will be enough. For the helmet, Orcs, Khajiits and Argonians are NOT supported. It is a BUFFED MALE ONLY armor,  I made this mod for myself and decided to share with the community, but I mostly play "human" races.

NEW IN 1.1

- qwertypol012 gently made a scripted version of the mod, where the visor will close whenever you're entering combat or equipping the helmet while in combat. The default helmet you can craft is the "visor up" one. Tempering bonus and enchantment won't work! You can still download older version if you don't want this feature.


- Just extract in your Data folder.


- Added some minor fixes to the berserkraces mod by Bagserk (you require the original mod), now Guts will never use another race voice while attacking or getting hit
- Added a custom HD hairstyle for Guts

SE Conversion by Outsender1:


- Thanks to Zenl for his incredible Black Swordsman Armor mod (I used his hand wrap for this)
- Thanks to Kaneyo46 for his testing and the patch to make the armor craftable and upgradable
- Thanks to qwertypol012 for the scripted visor version (check out his Hand cannon too!)
- Thanks to Outsender1 for the SE conversion

Enjoy & stay safe