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A sewer dungeon under Markarth, occupied by poachers. But two gates block the entrance to a lower set of ruins, and who knows what dangers lurk down there to any adventurer you finds their way in?

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~  Sewers of  Markarth  ~

A medium-sized, two sectioned dungeon underneath the city of Markarth. The entrance is a trap door just left of the city entrance, with a couple pipes sticking out, you can't miss it.

In the first section you need to find two switches, lit up red and blue, to open gates to the next area, lit the same colours. There's a poacher camp in the East wing to clear out for some loot.

The red switch involves jumping down a waterfall, usually your follower will make it with you, but I find they respawn at the top when you make it around. You'll encounter two strong skeletons, a troll, and a giant mudcrab, so be warned.

The blue switch has you walking along pipes, as in the pictures. A follower will just get stuck swimming below as a target for skeleton archers, so it's best to make them wait in the room with the garden after clearing the poachers' camp; you'll be coming out a barred door into that room just after the switch anyway.

In the second section, full of animunculi, you'll need to find a green switch to open a gate. You'll also need three keys (all held by three of ten Dwarven spiders scattered in one area). After that, water needs to be turned off to clear a path to the switch.

This will also cause two statues of Dwarven armour to come to life as "Autoknights", which will explode on death unless you pull off a finishing move. If you do you can get their armour (also one set in the final chest), but their bodies are still explosive.

This is not meant to be too terribly difficult (let me know if it is). All of the enemies are leveled and have their HP and attack raised in some cases.

As for treasure, you have a dozen poacher's chests with random loot, and of course a final chest at the end (which includes some enchanted armour I made). But there's also 11 "Long Lost Chests", which are hidden around both cells. Some are pretty obvious, others not so much, and others still require some climbing and jumping (you get two if you can get all the way to the top of the pipe climb).

Hope you enjoy it! Have fun and let me know if anything needs to be changed.