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Become a nearly immortal jester that runs faster and casts magic for free!

This outfit was made to test my upcoming dungeon mods easier. It is a light armour jester outfit with almost every enchantment available.

Permissions and credits
~ Death Jester ~
Outfit & Weapons

In a che is itst on the shore, just by Riverwood's sawmill

Includes three each of:

Death Jester Outfit:
-80 base armour
-Cast all schools of magic free

Death Jester Hat:
-40 base armour
-Health +1000
-Fortify Alchemy & Speechcraft by 100
-Reist Magic & Poison 100%

Death Jester Gloves:
-Fortify One-Handed, Two-Handed, Block, Marksman, Smithing, Lockpicking, and Pickpocket by 100

Death Jester Boots:
-Increase player speed 50 points (too much and exterior cells won't load properly)
-Stamina +1000
-Carry Weight +1000
-Fortify Sneak by 100

Death Jester Sword:
-33 points of Fire, Frost, and Shock damage
-Soul trap for 33 seconds

Death Jester Waraxe:
-Absorb 33 health, magicka, and stamina (with a neat RGB effect)
-Paralyze for 3 seconds

Death Jester Bow:
-100 points of damage to health, magicka and stamina
-Super fast drawing

Death Jester Dagger:
-22 points of damage to health, stamina, & attack.
-Undead up to level 100 flee for 11 seconds.
-Frosty handles.

If you ever need to test out an area, or just make the game super easy, give the Death Jester a go!