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Crafting Complete

Crafting Complete is a modular crafting expansion that adds all the recipes that Bethesda left out of the base game, fixes various crafting bugs, adds material properties to items that were missing them and introduces new features including portable crafting tools, tailoring, arrow fletching, staff and scroll crafting and a lore friendly method to craft unique items through sketching and joining factions.

All of the 8 included plugins can be mixed and matched to suite your tastes and needs.

Use the Nexus Mod Manager to automatically install, or copy the files from the archive to your
skyrim/data directory.

Use Nexus Mod Manager or remove the .esp files and textures/meshes and script files added by hand.

Crafting complete was made with compatability in mind and should be fully compatible with all other mods. The only exception is CCMaterialsAndPerks which will conflict with anything that changes the perks or changes stats for the weapons/armors it modifies. However placing CCMaterialsAndPerks before any conflicting mods in your load order should solve any problems.

Included Files:

Required for Mainfile, Unique Items and Tailoring. It provides a central link to the crafting tools.

Includes all the added armor and weapon recipes, misc items, jewellery, arrow fletching and bug fixes.
Some rare items are unlocked by joining factions or finding an example to sketch and copy.

Edits Steel Smithing, Advanced Armors and Daedric smithing to include the materials left out
(leather, hide, iron, daedric artefacts etc) from crafting improvements and adds materials to all
the weapons/armors that were missing them.

Portable Mortar & Pestle, Miniature Smelter, Skinning Knife, Enchanters Kit, Cook Pot, Hammer and Tongs
that act as portable crafting/improving stations activated from your inventory or hotkeys/favourites.

A kit for crafting magic scrolls from rolls of paper and recipe specific ingredients. New recipes
unlocked with enchanting perks and uses the enchanting skill.

A kit for crafting magic staves from staff blanks and recipe specific ingredients. New recipes
unlocked with enchanting perks and uses the enchanting skill.

Craft all playable clothing from three types of cloth, thread and eight different colours of
craftable dye. Some rare items are unlocked by joining factions or finding an example to sketch and copy.

Craft copies of artifact weapons and armor by making sketches of items you find that unlock new crafting options whilst
they're in your inventory. Copies are similar in stats to the basic weapons of the materials they're made of and unenchanted.

For those who were disappointed to find that Bethesda hadn't completely dropped leveled quest rewards.
Craft a tool that will allow you to upgrade your chillrend, pale blade, nightingale gear, blackbow, blackblade,
amulet of articulation, dragonbane, mage's circlet, shield of solitude and lunar weapons when you reach the required levels.

Change List:
Temper and Craft recipes for Ghostblade/Drainheart/spell/bow/axe added.
A few missing temper recipes added.
Bug where [Tool] items showed up in the enchanting list fixed (thanks to CrazyJoe2k
for catching it).
New plugin added that adds an in game guide for unlock requirements.

Recipe bug that prevented Fletching Knives being crafted fixed - Thanks to Tunafish for finding.
In game manuals moved to tanning rack and no longer improve smithing skill when crafted.

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JustinOther for source code adapted.
Creation Kit.
My partner for not strangling me with a mouse cord.