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A simple appearance only replacer for Lydia, the Housecarl of Whiterun.
OR Use Lacey, a standalone custom follower. Both use your body and texture files

Permissions and credits
Now includes Lacey as a Custom Standalone Follower option if you prefer not to replace Lydia. Perks and abilities kindly put together by ff7legend.
Quote from ff7legend:
"I made Lacey a jack-of-all trades sans magic.  Meaning she is effective in One-handed (Dual Wield-capable), Two-handed, Archery, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Block, & Sneak.  This means it will be left up to each individual user as to how they wish to utilize Lacey in terms of combat.  She has the appropriate Offsets & set to level with the player indefinitely.  No level cap whatsoever.  Hope everyone enjoys Lacey given the way I set her up..."

Location for Lacey
Lacey can be found in Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead.

This mod will replace only the appearance of Lydia, the Housecarl of Whiterun. No changes to stats have been made! 
Use Lacey, a custom standalone follower instead.
Both use your body meshes and textures, so should be compatible with all the various body types across Nexus.

Main Files
2 Main Files.
One replaces Lydia and contains the necessary files required. 
Other adds Lacey as a custom standalone follower

Optional Files
These optional files REMOVES the war paint, as I know war paint isn't always wanted.
Make sure you install the main file first (either Lydia or Lacey) - THEN the optional file which matches the main file you chose. Overwrite main file when prompted.

Highly Recommended
Install Amazing Follower Tweaks so you can manage Lydia's standard/default Outfit (or something similar to AFT).

Recommended Installation
Install via Nexus/Vortex - If prompted, let this file overwrite any others.
When using Lydia Replacer, put towards the bottom of your load order, or at least below any other mods that would potentially alter Lydia's appearance, such as the awesome Bijin Warmaidens.

Manual Installation
IMPORTANT: If you are going to manually install Lydia Replacer, please make a backup of original Lydia's FaceGenData files
Back up the following two files:

To install Manually
, unpack, then drag and drop data folder into your Skyrim main game folder (where  TESV.exe is)

Check out my other followers and presets via my Nexus profile, 'User Files' tab. I will eventually link them all here when I get around to it.
Remember to Endorse if you like them!

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