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Serana can bestow gift of Vampirism as soon as you meet her the first time in Fort Dawnguard. Dawnguard NPCs can no longer detect the player as Vampire when in Stage 1 Vampirism. If the player progress to level 2, they will be detected.

Permissions and credits
The Special Edition version can be found here.


A user on Reddit requested a mod to allow Serana to bestow her Vampire gift early in the Dawnguard quest line to aspiring Vampire hunters upon request.

What this mod does

1. Player can become Vampire Lord early:
It allows the player to become Vampire Lord as soon as they meet Serana by just asking her. There is a precondition that you must carry the Immortal Blood book in your inventory if you want this. I did this to hide the dialog when I don't need it and is not a vampire. The book is quite common, but if you cannot find it, then type on console:

player.additem 1AFF1 1

2. A careful Vampire can hide themselves:
I found it stupid that you cannot hide yourself from the Dawnguard if you a Vampire, but Sybille Stentor has done it for decades. So I made some changes to the Dawnguard dialogues for the NPCs. If you manage to stay in Stage 1 Vampirism all the time, they will not notice.


Only dialog for Serana and the Dawnguard NPCs has changed. Changes from USLEPT has been forwarded (some dialog text fixes). So it should be compatible with everything that does not make changes to the specific dialog about player vampire detection. The NPCs themselves are not changed and will therefore not cause issues with dark faces or NPC overhauls. To be sure, just load this mod right after USLEPT.

It is verified that it does not conflict with:
Serana Dialogue Add-On
Serana Dialog Edit
Marry Me Serana
- Better Vampires


Only the base game, no other dependencies.

Future plans

I do not want to make a new Vampire overhaul as there are already many good ones out there. This should supplement them nicely.
If more improvements make sense that is not covered, I will probably do them.
My next play through will definitively be as a Vampire hunter undercover :-)