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Makes screen blood invisible through use of a transparent texture - no .esp!

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The strawberry jam that gets splattered across my screen during fights (and Hunterborn skins, but that's at least togglable) gets on my nerves. I want to see my enemies, not what bits of me they've already managed to extract!

Now, most blood overhauls have an option to disable screen blood. But I don't want to install a whole overhaul just for one teensy feature (I have 212 .esps in my load order already, and that's with a lot of trimming - I was running 250 previously, but my PC just hated it). I couldn't find a way to disable this aspect without removing all gore (not my goal; I'm fine with blood on the ground or bodies) or adding to my load order.

Then I spotted Anime Girl Blood Replacer and realized if you could replace screen blood with chibi waifus, you could also replace it with invisible transparency. It doesn't matter how many blood decals the game draws on my screen if they're all completely see-through! So I made a tiny (64px square - if it's not there, resolution doesn't matter; save the VRAM for things you see!) transparent texture to overwrite that one specific file. Now everyone can see their enemies properly to dismember them.