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Feeling refresh, Horizon Home Run ! This mod adds a "Giant Club" with a blow off effect "Horizon Home Run" enchanted.

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Feeling refresh, Horizon Home Run.

This mod adds a "Giant Club" with a blow off effect "Horizon Home Run" enchanted.

Please get it with "AddItemMenu".

Z Giant Club [Horizon Home Run]
1. It has a special performance for blowing off. (Blow off ability that exceeds Z Iron Mace.)
2. The attack power is 0.
3. This weapon is set so that it will not be hostile even if you attack NPC, so please blow off it with confidence.
4.In ver1-1, Added a new Giant Club that adds the effect of canceling the hostile of the opponent who has been hostile from the beginning.
This makes it possible to avoid the situation where fast travel cannot be performed due to enemy who has been blown out of the display area.
5.In ver2-0, added Giant Club with a 10 minute "Cancel hostility" and a 30 second "Fall damage invalid" effect.
I would like to thank "ID: NlOTJmNm" for their help.

-New version Installation method-
Uninstall Old version.
Please install New version.
You do not need clean save.


I hope this mod can help you to prevent unnecessary outings even in a second.