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Replaces the bash animation with a side kick.

Safe to install/ uninstall (doesn't alter your save file).

Got picked for week 3 of the "Stay home, make mods" comp.

Permissions and credits
Version 3: Now works with bows, power bash now uses a slightly slower kick where a normal bash is now a bit faster and 
sound has been fixed since recording the demo,
both the sound and power bash will get an upgrade but these are better placeholders for now.

Vanilla bash has become mundane, have fun kicking people.

Smooth animation with elongated initiation if you hold down bash.

No previous requirements except it doesn't work with CGO as that mod 
seperates torso from legs and you could continue moving while 
bashing and it just looks like your upper body is doing some weird stuff.

I'm unfamiliar with any screen capturing software and would appreciate any video uploads.
Kick pics also accepted gladly.

Happy to recieve suggestions or requests.

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