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Lets you pick up most of the bones in dungeons.

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UPDATE: July. 8th, 2012 v1:
Thanks to Trakaa, the bones were moved from forge to smelter to avoid people getting easy XP for smithing.

UPDATE: Apr. 16th, 2012 v0.8:
Added Goat Skull
Added ability to smelt the bones into bonemeal at any forge. It is under "Misc" category and the recipes will only appear if you have bones in your inventory.

UPDATE: Feb. 21st, 2012 v0.7:
Added 7 bloody bones

This mod allows you to pick up most of the bones you usually find lying around in dungeons.
So far, you can pick up following bones:

***Goat Head***
***Deer Skull (antlers)
***Deer Skull (no antlers)
***Human Skull (no jaw)
***Human Ribcage
***Human Ribcage (with pelvis)
***Human Spine
***Human Arm Left
***Human Arm Right
***Human Leg Left
***Human Leg Right
***Human Hand Left
***Human Hand Right
***Human Foot Left
***Human Foot Right
***Bloody Bone
***Bloody Bone (Arm Bone)
***Bloody Bone (Leg Bone)
***Bloody Hand
***Bloody Shoulder
***Bloody Ribcage
***Bloody Skull (No Jaw)

All bones can then be picked up, placed and dragged around.

You can pick up the bones in Hjerim if they were not removed after you get the house.

You can melt them down into bonemeal at any forge, under "misc" category. The recipes will NOT appear unless you have the bones in your inventory (so they will not clog up the menu).

There is a chance that you will not be able to pick up the bones in the dungeons which you have already visited, but which did not yet reset.
Sometimes, you can find floating bones. If you walk into them, they should fall to their place. I have only experienced it once, in the tutorial dungeon.

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Please, let me know if you get any problems with this mod.

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