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Adds followers from the book series Legends of the First Empyre by Michael J. Sullivan The three followers in the mod (as of 1.0) are Tesh, Moya, and Brin.
You can marry all of them.
Tesh is a Two Handed swords men
Moya is an archer
Brin doesn't have a class

Permissions and credits
You can marry all the folowers
Primarly a Sword dual wielder
Equiped with Two Glass swords
Location: helgen
In the House by the tower
Seems the most similiar to dureya.
An Author who while mostly useless in combat has a dagger. but if you want to use her in combat it's not nessicarly impossible. But mainly for tesh to marry.
Equiped with Glass Dagger
Has book of brin in inventory xd
Location: Falkreath
By a Tree in the Creek area west of the mill
Not really any specific reason lore wise I put brin here but it's a nice spot xd
Master Archer
It doesn't say moya uses any armor in the books but everyone uses armor in skyrim so it'd be out of place for them not to use armor
Location: Falkreath by the Well In the East side of the town
Idk i put it here cause bucket brigade and falkreath is located by a forest also there's archery targets
Next update will probably be suri maybe even with minna too.