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This mod is just a small tweak to the damage and duration of "Vile Vapor", the puking ability of the afflicted.
It will also allow you to unlock it via console in a clean way.

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Originally, the Vile Vapor "shout" of the afflicted was kinda weak and ineffective, it only did 20 points of damage each second for 2 seconds, for a total of just 40 damage... it can't even get a level 1 character to half health? unacceptable!
So i changed it, and now it does 5 points of damage... but for 60 seconds; for a grand total of 300 points of damage!
This change is designed to make this power feel much more vile and disgusting, so now being puked on with this stuff will really suck! ideal for necromancer characters who like to puke on their enemies and hide behind their minions! (since the undeads are immune to it)
But don't worry this isn't broken, because of the way that this "shout" works, the damage from a single entity will never be cumulative! so if you (or a single enemy afflicted) decide to puke repeatedly on the same enemy, it will only refresh the 1min duration of the poison... however it IS cumulative when coming from multiple sources! so for example, when you get puked on by 3 different afflicted NPCs, you will get 15 damage each second for 60 seconds... that would be 900 points of damage after one minute! as you can see NOW it has become potentially deadly, furthermore Vile Vapors can't be cured by potions of cure poison for some reason, so this makes it extremely vile... some may say, extra vile!

tl;dr before 40 quick, now 300 slow.


unlock with "player.addshout 00059327", only after having unlocked Mark for Death.


Before, it wasn't really possible to unlock Vile Vapor via console commands without also having to unlock another shout that you weren't supposed to have, but now you can!
It's just an unobtrusive change i made to the Vile Vapor shout itself; before, the ID for the same (unobtainable) word to unlock this was referenced 3 times unnecessarily, since this is technically a "shout" but only has 1 effect, not 3... so i simply took one of the 2 useless references and changed it to reference "krii", the first word in Mark for Death.
(for testing purposes, you can first type: "player.teachword 00060297" to learn krii, then: "player.addshout 00059327" to unlock Vile Vapor, and lastly: "player.modav dragonsouls 1" for the dragon soul required to unlock it)


the cooldown for the enemies is set at 5 seconds, so naturally i think it should be the same for the player as well! this makes it pretty fun but also relatively strong early on... as intented, so unlock this only if you want to add a strong new weapon to your arsenal; unlimited poison! this is a power that only a competent mage/alchemist should be able to learn, or someone with daedric "help" like the afflicted.

Even J'zargo won't believe his eyes!