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Vampirism Hostility Changed
Realistic Werewolf Transformation

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Ok, this mod have only 2 scripts that overwrittes Vampirism and Werewolf Transformation scripts.

In vanilla (original) skyrim when you were 4stage vampire, people set
hostiles to you, this was changed in dawnguard, with my mod, in stage 3
you enter to vampire faction without instant hostility (only enemies
factions, like vigilands or dawnguard), in stage 4 works like original
game, every person is hostile to you (like spiders or haggraven), of
course, you can feed blood or drink blood potions to go back stages and
be friendly to npc's again.

Werewolf transformations now drops all your equipped items (except necklace and rings) before begis, you
must remember where the items are, to recover them.

Vampire Stage 3 -> VampireFaction to Player with no Instant-Hostility
Vampire Stage4 -> VampireFaction with Hostility of every npc.
Werewolf Transformation drop all equiped items before start.

If you dont want one of them, just delete the apppropiate PEX script file, under Scripts folder.

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