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Adds a Blue flame atronach follower. Find her at Anise's Cabin's basement.

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IMPORTANT. Turns out I'm stupid and leaving the atronach in Anise's cabins basement makes her unresponsive and she only says "you shouldnt be in here". I'm unsure why at the moment so I'm going to move her to a new location at some point if I can't fix it.

Uses the FemaleSultry voice which kind of fits the Dremora's demeaning voice. Simple re-colouring of the Flame Atronach to be blue. The flame trail is WIP as the texture refuses to work for me for some reason. The atronach is currently male because I haven't had the effort to change it to female - but that will come soon.

She uses all the normal Flame Atronach spells, as well as being able to summon the normal coloured Atronachs as well as use incinerate. She may well be over-powered at the moment so balance is also something I am working on.

There may be a name change to something around this atronach being a Queen/Lord/Prince in the future.

Follower Commentary Overhaul (FCO) is highly recommended - just make sure to change the frequency down (I use 30%) otherwise she will chat your ears off.