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*v1.1 released. sorry it took me so long. My head hurts... :) *
*I am pretty certain you MUST use the BSA files as I have read that external scripts do not work unless packed into a BSA file, if anyone needs a non-BSA version, I have those as well, they are just not uploaded here*

We have 2 dogs that live with us, I had an idea to make Meeko look like one of our dogs... so I learned how to extract and then open the texture with photoshop and started painting on it. It ended up looking ok, but just wasn't right.
The Wolves looked more like our dogs... not Meeko.
I turned my dogs into wolves by changing their race and making new changes to the wolf textures, but the new Wolf Dogs had no eyes.
I just thought, "ah. who cares? I can live with that... and wait for the creation kit to be released..."
but it bugged me so I started changing things... learning.... Using TESsnip and Skyrim Viewer and the NPC mod utility...

Then we got the Creation Kit. *cue applause*
I got to learn more...
and I got to refine things a little.
They wouldn't got into places with me... fixed that by making a new Wolf Companion Race. I didn't want to uncheck "Can't open doors" on the normal Wolves and have them breaking into buildings all over Skyrim...
It just started making more sense from there...
I wanted to do so much more, but this seems to work just fine for now... maybe later....

So... Here is one of our dogs, Miss Shady. She's a bit of a Hell Hound.
She has a unique skin and is one-of-a-kind in Skyrim, all other wolves and dogs are not affected.
Her Speed is increased by 25
Increased her Health and Stamina
She regenerates faster (Stamina and Health)
She should sneak pretty good, and does do more damage
She leaves a little trail of fire behind her and does fire damage when she attacks
(See optional files for a "No Fire" version of Shady, just in case anyone wants that)
She starts at level 10 and she'll level with the player
She listens, like a good dog. You can tell her to wait or to leave or to continue following.
She is NOT set to essential, she seems to survive the "swinging door" traps.
(see optional files for an "Essential" Shady)

She likes to chase rabbits (though not as much as I'd like :( ) <- nah, doesn't seem to work. sorry. I tried.

There are 2 different files.
One is set for Shady to replace the reference to the Stray dog in those random encounters you get (I hope, from all I have learned it should work)
I have never encountered the "Stray Dog" in my adventures through Skyrim, and I do not know how to trigger that encounter. If you already have the "Stray Dog" this may change your current dog follower into Shady (unknown, I have no way to test this)

The other file is just her, it does not replace the alias in that quest. she was placed near Anise's Cabin (near Helgen and Whiterun)

There are also variations on these 2 files with and without the fire damage/trails and also having her set to essential or not.

Now for the disclaimer.... This all seems to work fine on my machine, it likely will not on yours. I release this partly out of curiosity and partly to Release the Hound!! :)
I have tried to make it compatible with the nexus mod manager, I searched, but could not find much that told me how to make the archive compatible, so I based it off another one that I'm pretty sure is.

I cannot get her to howl, bark or make other noises (this may be a feature and not a bug)
It is unknown if she suffers from "Stray Dogs" suddenly disappearing bug, she has run off on me chasing rabbits many times but she always seems to catch up when I fast-travel or enter a new zone.

v1.1 update (released! finally 2.22.2012)
* created a new quest and scripts just for the follower wolves to not interfere with other mods that modify "DialogueFollower" or "WEFollowerDog" script
* Increased Shady's confidence, I thought I had her set at Brave, but she was set at Cautious, sorry.
* changed her name back to just "Shady" that's what it originally was/is. I have no idea why I changed it to her "full" name, it was late that night. :S
* added additional variations of the files to try and address more peoples play styles.
* Should overwrite any previous versions

*Still some issues*
still cannot get them to howl or bark, and they WILL NOT chase rabbits once they have become your follower, even after you dismiss them. Seems like it has something to do with the quest alias she gets stuck into... looking into it, might never figure it out. oh well....