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A standalone craftable set of Forsworn armor, changed to be clothing.

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Original intent with this was to make it possible to change the textures of this set of "robes" to be separate from the Forsworn Armor that you'd find on the Forsworn. However, after a lot of hard work, I realized that the textures for this is a bit more complex than "change hue of image in Photoshop".

What I'm instead left with is a set of standalone Forsworn Robes, that will not be affected by any texture-overhaul of Vanilla-textures (unless you manually open up the texture or meshes folders of the mod and paste them in there). I figured this wasn't too bad of an outcome, and the lack of Forsworn Robes as a craftable set has been nagging at me, so I figured I'd share it with others who might have similar feelings.

So, what this mod does is that it adds four pieces of clothing (feet, hands, head, body) that are craftable at any forge. The recipe for all items is "3 leather-strips", because I couldn't be bothered to spend time on that.

(And, if you're wondering about what I meant when I say that the vanilla textures for this armor-set is a bit complicated? Apparently, a bunch of the textures are partially see-through somehow, and so if you mess with them you end up with giant squares sticking out everywhere.)

(Also, despite the lack of screenshots, the "robes" work fine on both males and females. It's just a vanilla-armor after all.)