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About this mod

Stonebirch Estate is a player home with a few unique additions. The Golden Well is... a surprise. Upon receiving a letter from Schmoopi Doopy the player is enticed to enter the estate, but not before acquiring the key. Once the key is found Stonebirch Estate will work as a fully functional Player home along with all of its amenities.

Permissions and credits
Receive the letter. Kill some spiders. Find the key. Get your prize. Enjoy your new home! P.S. Please take care of Shadow.

Stonebirch Estate includes:
A short quest
The Golden Well
A Dwemer Bath
A fully functional player home complete with NavMesh.
A unique sound effect
A unique book in um... the basement.
Special sweetrolls
A horse that waits for you to come back.
Many other amenities and treasure to be discovered!

Update: V1.3.4
V1.3 update adds some much needed outdoor fun to Stonebirch Estate. This major update adds a shed, firepit, garden, statue, walls, gate along with some animal friends including a horse to help you explore Skyrim.

-Fixes audio bug for unique audio.

The horse is essential and therefore cannot be killed. He also has mega health and defense.

Where is Stonebirch Estate?
Stonebirch Estate is located on the lake west of Ivarstead. Upon quest activation a marker will be added to the player's map.

How Do I start the Quest?
The quest begins by receiving a letter from the courier. This will happen usually 24 - 48 in-game hours after adding the mod.

Installation and Compatibility
This mod has no requirements and uses only vanilla assets. It therefore should be compatible with everything that doesn't use its exact location.

I've included 2 versions. One with AI for the horse, and another without the AI.
I've added AI to the horse so that it will fast travel with the player and follow like an animal follower. If you prefer the vanilla horse AI install the other version.
Only install one version. 

Special Thanks

This mod would not have been possible without tutorials by DarkFox127. The script used for the Dwemer Tub activation is borrowed directly from his tutorials. 

Thanks also to BestInSlot and his YouTube tutorials for helping me along.

To anyone interested in modding with the Creation Kit I highly recommend either one of these YouTube channels. They are informative and easy to follow!

I'm just happy to share this with anyone still playing this game.

 This mod is FOREVER FREE.