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Arcane Reforge for Skyrim - A Mod by Sorwen
Current Version 0.2a

Here is my attempt at an armor change. I hated how the Masque of Clavicus Vile looks, but really like the bonuses. What this allows you to do is "reforge" the Masque into another type of helmet depending on what Smithing perks you have. All reforges require the Arcane Blacksmight perk and then the appropriate material perk. For instance to change the Masque into the Vile Dragonplate Helm you need both the Arcane Blacksmith perk and the Dragon Armor perk. When you reforge the Masque you also loose it so be sure to save before doing so if your not sure.

Right now it is only the Masque, but I later plan on adding other things you can "reforge". This currently only works with items you can craft from the vanilla game. For instance you can't use any of the city Guard helms to reforge to a Vile helm. In the future you will be able to take one of those helms and reforge it with the Masque.

This mod shouldn't cause any conflicts with other mods since these are totally new items, but I can't guarantee it.


* Fixed an issue where you could disenchant the item for a speech enchantment.
* Added the ability to upgrade the item. It requires the same materials as to upgrade the base item.

You have the ability to reforge the Masque of Clavicus into any type of helm you can craft from the vanilla game.

Known Issues:
Currently there are no known issues.

Simply place any one of the files into your Skyrim/Data/ folder then enable the file through the "Data Files" selection in the Oblivion launcher.

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1. You name me in credit for these files
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