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Adds Cassowaries into Skyrim!

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"Cassowaries are a species of large Fellrunner that live in the reach, West of Skyrim. They feed mainly on Juniper berries, although they're also omnivorous. They're an aggressive territorial bird and are quick to attack anything that they deem as a threat to them and their young. They're capable of disemboweling people and animals with their 5 inch inner talons that they use to kick their enemies to death with. This makes them one of the most dangerous species of Fellrunner and perhaps the most dangerous among any bird present in Tamriel.

There are 3 variants of Cassowary; adult, juvenile and young cassowary birds.
In addition they also drop custom loot that you use to craft custom arrows
or just use them for ingredients, the eggs are highly valuable. They also use unique sounds.

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