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The Bards College fully redecorated, includes a player bed and an outfit.

Permissions and credits
The Bards College has been redecorated for a cheerful and lore-friendly atmosphere. Books have been rearranged properly into shelves and all three floors have been cleaned up. Only the vanilla base game is required, no DLC needed.

Mod content:

-Entire interior redecorated.
-Inge Six Fingers now wears fine clothes instead of farm clothes, matching the other teachers.
-New items such as a lucky spoon for Bendt, Jorn's drum, Broken Lute, and a Headmaster's Chair for Viarmo.
-Pantea's private journal, which features details about teachers and students that was originally revealed in the official Skyrim guide by Prima.
-A player bed is included in the student area that can be used right away.
-A unique, green version of the merchant outfit has been included in the student area as a uniform.

Mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit 4.0.3 and navmeshes have been modified.
My screenshots include texture mods and enb presets from my own install of Skyrim. These textures are not included in the mod.