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Overhaul for Morthal, featuring unique 3D assets.

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RedBag's Morthal
Overhaul for Morthal,  featuring unique 3D assets.
SE version available

  • 5 new houses
  • 15 new citizens
  • Main gates, walls and 3 new guard towers
  • Burnt house becomes restored after completing the main quest of Morthal

  • This mod is potentially incompatible with anything that changes Morthal or its surrounding cells.
  • This mod creates entirely new interiors for Morthal (not just new meshes), so lighting mods for interiors should be compatible.

IMPORTANT: Due to the complexity and invasiveness of this mod, (un)installation mid-gameplay is for testing only. If you wish for this mod to function properly, starting a new game is required.

  • Extract the files to your Skyrim/Data folder, and activate the .esp, preferably with a mod manager.
  • Run TES5LODGEN if you want to update LODs (objects you see from afar). You can leave this step for later if you wish to test the mod first.

Known issues
  • NPCs will sometimes spawn in the swamp.
  • Your game may freeze for a couple of seconds upon loading an asset for the first time in your game session.
  • Innkeeper goes outside after you rent the bed and bed is always free

Special thanks
This mod wouldn't be possible without many individuals that selflessly produce tutorials and third party tools and software, as well as everyone that helps users on forums. One Reddit user, Blackjack_Davy, took time to help with some difficult problems at the end, which saved me a ton of time. Thank you!

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