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Adds a small player home and farm just north of Mixwater Mill. It comes with complete crafting, plenty of named storage, a large garden, and a hot tub to soak in when you're done adventuring or gardening.

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Mixwater Farmhouse, located just north of Mixwater Mill.

I don’t think a home, even one on a farm, should be bare and cold looking, so this is a farmhouse worthy
of the Dragonborn. It isn't a huge home, but there is a comfortable
bed that will give you a well-rested bonus, a kitchen that “the
Chef “ would envy, enough book shelves for all of the lore books,
display areas for the Elder scrolls, the dragon priest masks, the
dragon claws, the paragons, the Black books, the Shield of Ysgramor
and Wuuthrad, and the five bug jars (outside above the alchemy and
enchanting table), along with several weapon racks.

There is named storage for just about anything, inside and outside the home. All containers are 'safe'
except the trash can (marked as respawning).

Crafting stations included are a cooking pot, bake stone, oven, grain mill (in the kitchen), alchemy,
enchanting, smithing workbench, grindstone, anvil, tanning, and a
mini smelter. There are plenty of harvestable plants, and a large
Hearthfire garden with planting soils. There are chickens and a hot
tub beside the home.

The barn is built against the rear of the Mixwater Worker's house and has two milking cows, two dogs, and a
loft where you can house 4 followers. I added some crafting stations
so they have something to do, and everyone I've tested wanders up to
the house and works on the porch or in the garden as well.

The home is Frostfall compliant inside and out, so you can get a good nights rest or craft in comfort.
There is a fast travel marker that you can use once you've discovered
the home, and a marker for your horse if you aren't using one of the
horse mods.

For now the mod requires all DLCs and Real Shelter. Personally, I detest
crafting under a leaky roof, or leaving my livestock and trusted
steed in the rain. If enough people prefer a version without Real Shelter I'll add one.

This home has no space for children and will not. There is a sleeping place in front of the fire where one
extra follower can sleep (in addition to the beds in the barn loft),
but the home is just too small for children.

This is the first mod I’m uploading,and I’m still learning, so let me know if you find any bugs or
problems. Both dogs are set to essential so if you prefer they not be
there you’ll have to disable them. The cows and chickens will
respawn if they are killed.

The home costs 15,000 septims. Click the "For Sale" sign out front and if you have enough septims it is yours.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been.

Mods I recommend using include Hearthfire Extended *there is a table on the craft porch for mead
barrels and ingredient storage under it*, Noble Skyrim, SMIM, Purity,
Frostfall, Immersive Fallen Trees, and any/all of the “Rustic”
texture mods. I don’t use an enb and have no idea how things will
appear as far as lighting, nor do I have any idea of how to
correct/change things for any of them. Sorry.

Real Shelter Patch

 A compatibility patch for Real Shelters is included in the archive.
To run without Real Shelter, please ensure that
Mixwater Farmhouse RSpatch.esp is disabled in your load.

Grateful thanks to the following:

Theplayers who have helped test the mod
The many tutorials and resources provided by Darkfox127.
The incredible support and patient replies to my questions and help with problem-solving by
Kriemen, as well as his kind offer to port this mod to SE.
Febrith Darkstar for the wonderful video.
Bethesda for the game.

Resources I’ve used in creating this(with heartfelt thanks to the wonderful artists who made them
available) include the following; if I missed anyone please let me
know so I can add your name!

Dark Rider
Insanity Sorrow
Oaristys & Tony67’sModders Resource Pack for various meshes