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Last updated at 14:02, 18 Jul 2015 Uploaded at 9:09, 18 Feb 2012

Check out the new 'palace' home mod of mine:
It's for the heavier duty builds :)

Now finalized, the mod which you might've followed when it was on beta stage. Offering a massive sanctuary for the player in the sky with a lot of goodies, but to get to these goodies you must first beat one of the toughest heroes of sovngarde.

To play go to Riften, outside of honeyside (on the balcony) You'll see potal to the boss's location. (pictures)

The mod includes, but is not excluded to:
-18 Mannequines
-10 weapon rack slots + 4 weapon/shield plaques
-6 Chests and immense amount of bookcases
-8 Display cases
-Nice arsenal of enchanting goods
-Portals to almost all cities
-All alchemy ingredients

...More to come

--Should you beat the boss without cheats, I salute you. Now when you go upwards the "skyroad" stay between the lightbulbs as common sense would dictate.

--The textures of the portal chamber are altered in my version slightly (sexy cities mod) if you were wondering the slight difference.

Known konflicts:
-The hideout
-Some cases when user has too many installed mods

Mod on Steam:
Note that I'm no longer actively working on this modpiece. If you keep getting crashes or low fps, and you don't want to uninstall partion of your other mods, you'll have to live without Vortai. It's running fine for me, and I don't use that many mods.

-------------- Now added the Portal spell for Vortai! --------------

The spell tome is in middle of portal chamber, and you can teleport from anywhere back to the portal chamber of Vortai with the spell. Thanks for Ceipher for pointing out.