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Restores stat increases to Vampire and Werewolf characters, as in previous Elder Scrolls games. Removes the Rift crime faction from Dawnguard bounty hunters, so that Vampire players do not rack up huge bounties in the Rift. Adds craftable Vampire Hoods and unenchanted Royal Vampire Armor. And adds a new spell, Vampiric Disguise.

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Have you ever noticed that Skjor tells you just before you enter the Underforge to be made a werewolf, "We bring you here to make you stronger, new blood."  Except, after you become a werewolf, you aren't any stronger in human form at all!  If you join the vampires at Castle Volkihar, Hestla asks you, "Can you feel it? You're now so much more than you were before. Time was I could barely hold my own in the Companions. Now I could slaughter them all without a second thought."  Except, well, how?  You are no stronger, at least not in human form, and you are considerably weaker in sunlight.  In past Elder Scrolls games, vampires and werewolves gained considerable boosts to their stats in human form.  Inspired by boosts from previous games, werewolves, in addition to the vanilla advantages and disadvantages, gain 50 points to health and stamina, and 100 points in carry weight, in human form.  And vampires, in addition to the vanilla advantages and disadvantages, gain 30 points to health, stamina and magicka, 10 points to speech, and 50 points in carry weight.

I remember the first time I sided with the Volkihar vampires, and I wondered how I had suddenly gained a bounty in the Rift of 2000 gold.  I could not remember committing any crimes!  It turns out that the Dawnguard vampire hunters sent to track you down and kill you are in the Rift crime faction, and when you kill them in self defense, you can be held liable for their "murder."  The Unofficial Patch will not help you here!  I found this aspect of Dawnguard ridiculous, so I removed the hunters that are sent to kill you from the Rift crime faction.  Now defend yourself in peace, and don't worry about gaining a bounty!

Do you like Serana's hood and wish you could have one just like it?  Or do you like the Royal Vampire armor, but wish you could enchant it as you choose?  Now you can craft your own Vampire Hood and unenchanted Royal Vampire Armor, and improve them as well!  (Requires advanced armor perk.)

The elf Melaran remarks, "Sybille Stentor has a grasp of magical theory that I would never have expected from a human. Even a Breton."  Indeed, though a vampire, she has the appearance of a human, and is the trusted court wizard in Solitude!  Now Sybille Stentor will share her knowledge with you... for a price.  She now sells an Illusion spell, Vampiric Disguise, which behaves differently depending if you are currently a vampire or not.  For vampires, cast once to appear human.  You will lose your vampiric advantages, retain your disadvantages, and be unable to feed.  It can be useful in the short term, for example, in fooling the Dawnguard, if you have sided with them, so they will still give you quests.  Cast again to return to the normal vampiric state.  If you are human, cast once to appear to be a vampire, with all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages!  Be warned:  If you feed, you will become the monster!  Again, it can be useful if you have sided with the Volkihar vampires and have cured yourself, but want to do quests for them without returning to the undead completely.  Cast again to return to normal.  You can also use it to become a vampire... or even a vampire-werewolf hybrid!  (One way to become a hybrid is to be a vampire or even a Volkihar vampire before becoming a werewolf.  Use Vampiric Disguise just before you are turned into a werewolf, and nothing vampiric will be removed from your character.  Cast again to become a full vampire-werewolf hybrid.  Unless you use Werewolf Mastery, when you revert to human after transforming into a werewolf, you will need to cast Vampiric Disguise again to regain your vampiric powers and the ability to feed.) Works on vanilla races only.

I made this mod for myself over a year ago, and have used it, without encountering any issues,  along side of the Unofficial Patch, Werewolf Mastery and Sacrosanct.  It is probably compatible with other Werewolf or Vampire overhauls as well (but no promises).  If you want only one aspect of this mod, please do not ask me to provide it for you.  Learn to use xEdit and remove whatever you do not like yourself!