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Adds a variety of on-hit combat enhancements for a variety of playstyles.

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This uses my mod Damocles - Enemy Hit Framework.

This is sort of a showcase for a variety of uses of Damocles. It adds a variety of effects that do not require enchantments or spells.

Items that can grant these abilities can be found in a barrel outside Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.

This mod also uses 'stances'. These are combinations of armor worn and weapon wielded (or not) that grant access to the ability. Stances are checked when the player draws their weapons ('r' for ready typically)


Archon - Like a spellsword, archons mix melee and magicka. However, archons use shield and spell.
When in a stance with shield and spell, the archon gains a few abilities:
A 10% bonus to spell damage.
A +10 bonus to shield bash damage.
A 20% bonus to amount blocked.
A 20% resist bonus resist spell damage when blocking.
When an archon does a shield bash, it adds a 3 second 20% debuff to frost, fire, and shock resists as well as restoring 20 magicka.

Eight Shadows - a technique taught to worshippers of Mephala ages ago, but has since spread outside the cult.
Sneak attacks with dagger ignore the target's armor.
Attacks with daggers restore 5 health, sneak attacks with daggers restore 25 health.

Focus - You fight with a singularity of purpose. All you need is one weapon and an enemy.
When in a stance when wielding only one weapon and not wearing heavy armor you gain:
20% bonus weapon damage.
You take 10% less weapon damage.
Every time you hit you gain increasing damage. If you leave combat or do anything else but straight up attack your opponent, this bonus goes away.

Fury - Hit them hard and fast. Who cares about defense. The best defense is a good offense.
When you have a weapon in both hands (either 2 one handers, or 1 twohanders) and are wearing no armor on your chest you gain the following abilities:
You gain 30% reduction in damage.
When you hit an enemy with a weapon, you gain fury.
When you are hit by a weapon, you gain fury.
As you gain fury, you will burn with inner fury, this will get brighter as you have more fury. Fury ranges from 1 to 100.
As you hit enemies you will have a chance of random effects that will use fury, these are:
You can gain 50 stamina
You can gain 50 stamina and 50 health and do 25 points of damage.
You can 10 extra damage.
You can do 20 extra damage to all targets near you.
You do 15 points bonus damage and gain 50 stamina.
You gain an attack speed increase for 3 seconds.
You expend all fury and stamina, doing bonus damage equal to the fury and stamina added together.
Also, fury is not for the sneaky.

Hammerhand - Hammerhand is an unarmed and unarmored combat style.
When in a stance with with no weapons and no armor, hammerhand gains the following abilities:
Power attacks cost 50% less stamina.
A 50% damage reduction against maces, staves, and warhammers.
A 20% chance to dodge weapon damage.
You do your level in bonus damage when unarmed.
When you hit someone who blocks with a shield (less than 30 armor rating and unenchanted), the shield is destroyed.
When fighting dwarven constructs, you use Zwergin Kunst, which does 10% of the construct's health in bonus damage.
If you power attack you have a 50% chance to knock back your opponent.

Lamplighter - Lamplighters are the people who keep those city torches burning at night. You never notice them, but they are there and they know a thing or two about creatures of the night.
You gain a number of abilities:
You gain +10 bash damage with a torch.
You get an additional 10 points of damage when bashing with a torch against an undead.
When you bash with a torch, it burns twice as long.
If you have a torch out and block with it, you can keep animals and undead at bay. (Less than level 10 and same may get through if you're not careful)

Spellblade - Some might call them a spellswords, but I call them treas... ahem, but the dagger and axe users get annoyed :)
When wielding a blade in one hand and a spell in the other, and no heavy armor, the spellblade gains a few abilities:
You do 20% more damage with your weapon.
You restore 10 magicka with each weapon hit.
You have a 10% chance to hit your target with the spell* in your other hand at normal magicka cost.
You gain a 10% chance for your destruction spells to 'critical' which will do 50% extra damage.

Spellbow - The users of this knowledge can use their bow to deliver their spells.
The spellbow gets access to a lesser power called 'prepare spell'. This power is used to prepare the spell in their right hand for use with spellbow and possibly other abilities.
Spellbow gives you a 50% chance to deliver your prepared spell* on your target when they are hit, at normal magicka cost.
Spellbow strikes also take down caster wards and restore 10 magicka per hit.

Spellhammer - Another melee and magicka mixer, spellhammer uses a mace or hammer with a spell.
When in a stance with a spell in one hand and a mace/hammer in the other hand spellhammer grants a few abilities:
When hitting with a hammer, the target's elemental resistances are reduced by 20% for 3 seconds and 10 magicka is regained.
When hitting with a hammer, there is a 5% chance that a spell* in the spell hand will be cast automatically with a 20% reduction in mana cost.
If you power attack, your target will be knocked back.
Your weapon attacks ignore 10% of your target's damage resistance.

Sword and Board - The classic weapon and shield.
When you hit with your weapon, you build up potential damage. When you bash, you activate it and your weapon gets this bonus damage briefly. Then it resets.
The idea is to encourage some alternating between hitting with weapon and bashing with shield
Also while wielding weapon and shield you gain some benefits:
10% weapon damage reduction
Bash damage is increased by 5 points
10% weapon damage increase.
20% bonus to amount blocked.

Stormblooded - Not so much a way of combat, but an event. When you are struck by shock damage, you have a 1% chance to gain stormblooded.
When you are stormblooded you gain the following benefits:
You are immune to shock damage.
When you strike an opponent with a weapon you have a 25% to call down a bolt of lighting down on them when outside.

*These only works with fire-and-forget destruction spells.