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Vanilla body users can use all UNP textures without nipples peaking out on Tavern outfit, Forsworn outfit and vampire armor.
UNP feet with shoe meshes are included.

Permissions and credits
After a few requests on my SE version of this mod for a LE version.

SE version

What this mod does

This mod will allow all vanilla body users to use all UNP textures, without the fear of nipples peaking out or feet looking messed up.
I have edited tavern outfit, forsworn armor and vampire armor to not show nipples when using UNP textures and I have included all shoe meshes that show parts of the feet.

The pictures are taken with the UNP version of Bijin Skin

Dawnguard meshes are included but if you don't have Dawnguard the meshes won't cause any problems, they just won't be used by the game.

Feel free to use other feet meshes, for example zzay's FemFeet Redesigned Fixes which will just overwrite the feet and shoe meshes here and only use the outfit meshes from this mod.

Any UNP textures

(Vanilla textures will now look really weird on the feet)

Install with a mod manager (Recommended)

Manual installation
Take the content and paste it in your data folder

Uninstall with mod manager (Recommended)

Manual uninstallation
Remove these meshes (all of these meshes have _0 or _1 at the end, delete both)
femalefeet under meshes\actors\character\character assets
bootsf under meshes\armor\bandit
falmerbootsf under meshes\armor\falmer
shoes under meshes\clothes\barkeeper\f
shoesf under meshes\clothes\farmclothes01
bootsf under meshes\clothes\fineclothes02
forswornarmorf under meshes\clothes\forswornarmor
prisonershoes_f under meshes\clothes\prisoner
dbboots under meshes\clothes\robedarkbrotherhood\female
mdshoes_f under meshes\clothes\robemythicdawn
sandalsf under meshes\clothes\weddingdress
wenchoutfitf under meshes\clothes\wench
blindmothpriestsandalsf under meshes\dlc01\clothes\blindmothpriest
prisonershoesbloody_f under meshes\dlc01\clothes\prisoner
vampirerobesf_alt under meshes\dlc01\clothes\vampire

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Thanks to Phygit for FemFeet