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Turn off features you don't want to use and/or remind yourself not to use.

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Skyrim has a lot of choices.
Legion vs. Stormcloak
Fighting with magic or battleaxe.
Join the Dark Brotherhood or wipe them out.
and so many more.

If you don't like a choice, typically you can choose another path. Especially with skills and weapons. Really like spellcasting at level 10? You can pick it up even if you've been wearing heavy armor and swinging a warhammer the entire game so far. This is good for the most part as it allows to learn various aspects of the game.
However, after playing awhile, some will choose to not use aspects of the game in the interest of immersion, challenge, role-playing, et al. There are mods that turn off fast travel for example. You can choose to just not fast travel, but the mod exists (in my opinion) as  a reminder that you aren't using that aspect of the game in this playthrough.

Talentless offers some of these options. Want to play a sword-swinger who doesn't know magick? Turn it off.
You decide you want to use magick on your sword-swinger after all? Role-play going to the college of Winterhold to learn magick and turn the option back on.

Through a MCM menu, you can turn various aspects off and on. Currently the available features to turn off and on are:
No access to cooking stations
No access to enchanting stations.
No access to smithing stations.
No access to alchemy stations.
No fast travel.
No magic (you cannot equip spells)

Version 2 beta
I added a lot of new options.
Spells of schools you can't use cannot be equipped.
weapons are armor you can't use cannot be equipped.
I added some 'option sets' if you're looking for something new.
Please let me know if something doesn't appear to work correctly. Thanks.