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Mesh Fix to drastically reduce Draw-Calls on Dwemer Steam-, Sphere- and Spider-Centurions.

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What are Draw-calls ?

In short: Draw-Calls are the number of objects the Game has to render at the same time.

Why do we need a fix?

Each mesh in .nif format can contain multiple different sub-meshes or sub-Shapes.
Each of these sub-meshes gets treated as 1 seperate object by the renderer.
So a .nif with 14 NiTriShapes for Example will put more strain on your Hardware than a .nif with 2 NiTriShapes (*all other attributes beeing equal)

In the case of the Dwemer Centurions they had an absurdly high amount of NiTriShapes that were just not nessessary.
So i simply "fixed" That Problem

Number of NiTriShapes: Before -> After
Steam Centurion : 15 -> 1
Sphere Centurion : 42 -> 1
Spider Centurion 14 -> 1

How much performance improvement can we expect ?
I don't really know if there is any significant performance impact but logic dictates that this will possibly save some fps where there are large amounts of these mehses in the scene.

This mod is free, takes no .esp slots and can possibly improve performance. Should be a no-brainer.

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