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Contains three seasons of Isle of Artaeum. A DLC-sized mod for Skyrim adding several new worldspaces, spells, followers, quests and much more. A continuing story that is constantly updated.
Centered around the Psijic Order and their long awaited return to Tamriel, you will be allowed to travel to their magical island to study alongside them.

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Isle of Artaeum
Season iii: Dominion

The Psijic Order left the world of Tamriel half a millennia ago and has not been since, except on the rarest of occasions. Now they have returned to the world, and have begun recruiting the most talented wizards and witches.
Receive your invitation, and visit the magical islands of Artaeum and Auridon. Help the Psijic Order with various tasks and adventures, where choices have impact on your story.

Season 3 also brings a whole set of new spells to learn, and improved visuals for all old spells. All characters are completely voiced and several new areas and quests have been added to the previous storyline, totaling a severe amount of hours of gameplay. The return of the Psijics is not loved by all, and their authority is being challenged by an enemy of old. How will you rise up to meet the threat?

(not actually a spoiler)

Isle of Artaeum: Season iii

(might contain spoilers)

Among other things this mod contains:

* Many, many hours of questing.
* A handful of new followers.
* 70+ new spells.
* Half a dozen new areas.
* Merchants, with unique items and styles.
* Three new player-houses.
* A magical school, with six different classes to choose from.
* Two new horses (one is summonable).
* A deeper story behind 'The Eye of Magnus'.
* Several new powerful artifacts to collect.

Known Issues: