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An in-depth add-your-own music mod with options somewhere in-between DRAkE and CDMS with some new features such as the option to give unique music for most bosses like Alduin, Tsun, Mirmulnir, generic bosses, and more. Opposite that you can use less interesting music for weaker fights like crabs & wolves, and Day of the Week is removed from DC

Permissions and credits

DCS is a smaller improved version of DRAkE, and like DRAkE it allows for a full suite of music per location, in fact besides the new features, improvements and removal of the mostly unpopular Day of the Week options it's almost the same.  In short it's hopefully what several people have requested changed with DRAkE.

With DCS, you can have your own music play in-game and have almost endless choice over where and when it plays.

You can set up entire music suites for various situations and places for all of Skyrim and its DLCs.  These suites include unique explore,
combat, skills menu, and even 'being searched for music'.  With DCS you also have the options for varied combat music for weaker and boss enemies if you wish.

(Please note that no music comes with this mod sorry, but there are quite a few recommendations below)

Here's nearly a full list of DCS's features

-Should be low mod conflicts with the 3 core files
-Little to no performance impact
-No scripts, spells, quests, or inventory items are added
-Entire music suites for different locations (what suite means is that almost every category has it's own full range of track types, combat music in the Tundra folder for example will not be used within Fort Greymoor's location radius, the Fort category's combat music is used instead)

-There is a category for use anywhere as well
-Music in the Skills Menu that actually does work outside now in DCS
-Unique music for most major bosses (Alduin, Ancano, Arch-Curate Vyrthur, Cicero, Durnehviir, Ebony Warrior, Forgemaster, Karstaag, Lord Harkon, Mercer Frey, Miraak, Mirmulnir, Paarthurnax, the Soul Cairn Reaper, Tsun, and support for mod added bosses as well)

-Unique music for general bosses such as bandit chiefs, spriggan matrons, draugr overlords, dragon priests, giants, assassins, and more

-Unique music for weaker rank 01 & 02 enemies, and weak animals, such as crabs & wolves
-Unique music suites for each of the 5 major towns
-Unique music for city temples
-Unique music for High Hrothgar
-Unique music for player homes (city homes will need to finish the currently playing town track before using the Home category first since it uses the same Music Type, that's the small price for not editing cells, and mod added player homes need to have the LocTypePlayerHouse keyword as well as use the Town Music Type)

-Unique music for almost all vanilla guilds, including Blades, College of Winterhold, Companions, Dark Brotherhood, Dawnguard, Thieves Guild, & Volkihar, some even allow unique combat music

-Unique music suites for every type of vanilla dungeon (Apocrypha, Blackreach, Cave, Dwarven Ruins, Forgotten Vale, Fort, Nordic Ruins, Ice, Shipwreck, Soul Cairn, & Sovngarde)

-Cell edits are as minimal as possible, almost everything is done with keywords, so Dwarven Ruins including mod added ones (if they have location data that identifies them as a Dwarven Ruin) have unique music without the cell edits

-Unique music suites based on what faction controls a non-CW fort dungeon, or just plain types and no factions if you prefer (Take Embershard, Sundered Gorge, Shimmermist, & Bloated Man's Grotto for example, they all use the Cave Music Type so normally they have the same songs, with DCS Embershard uses the Bandit Camp category folder, Sundered Gorge uses the Warlock Lair category folder, Shimmermist uses the Falmer Hive category folder, and Bloated Man's Grotto still uses the Cave category because it has no faction, and each category folder is an entire set of music on it's own, combat, explore, skills menu, & stingers.)

-Unique music suites for each region (Coast, Forest - Fall, Forest - Pine, Marsh, Mountain, Mountain - Solstheim, Reach, Snow, Snow - Solstheim, Tundra, & Volcanic Ash)
-Unique music suites while in Werewolf or Vampire Lord form
-Special music while being searched for by enemies while outside of town or in a dungeon
-Long combat music actually ends properly (Having a menu open such as inventory does prevent it from ending though)

-Every combat song can have it's own finale if you wish, a silent file is included if you can't add an end track

-Night music is actually only during the night
-Unique explore music for the duration of an eclipse
-Unique music during creating your character with Live Another Life Alternate Start mod
-Unique music suite for Helgen that is separate from creating your character in the Abandoned Prison

-Usually at least 50 tracks available for each category of dungeon/explore/guild/town, sometimes more up to a maximum of 100 available in a folder, it varies greatly but there should be plenty

-Usually at least 20 of each type of combat track per category, sometimes more, a few categories that have minimal use are limited to 10 of each type such as Ash Spawn dungeons

-Stinger options for custom clear, discover, level up, death, word of power, & more

NOTE on long combat songs: Finales are set up for a normal maximum of 6 minutes, this is for the length
the song as the file on your computer and not how long it plays for in-game.

If a song is longer than 6 minutes and it plays over the time frame a finale can end it then it will have to play all the way to it's end.

Some of the finales are set up longer than 6 min, depends on what I personally needed, if you really want you can see those extended times by looking in the esp.

Comparing DCS to CDMS (Complete Dynamic Music System) & DRAkE (Dynamic Rotational Audio)
-DCS has a much more improved folder structure over CDMS in my opinion closer to that of DRAkE
-DCS uses only the time of day and not day of the week as DRAkE did which most people seemed to dislike
-DCS also brings back some of the CDMS categories that were not in DRAkE such as Explore Coast
-DCS has new options and retains most old options that didn't have issues
-Plenty of bugs with CDMS & DRAkE have been fixed
-DCS supports more files per folder than the previous builds
-Looping music is still supported with the DCS - Personal Version but you will need to duplicate files for it to be as perfect as it was in DRAkE
-Quests were taken into mind with DCS to make the music more alive such as the Blades hideout being silent until it's actually declared as such
-Cave & Mountain are now just that and not used as default categories in DCS as they were previously, OTHER is now used for that and allows for better consistency
-There are some minor cell edits with DCS so music instantly changes instead where the previous builds did not have and you had to wait for the current song to finish or force it to change by going into the skills menu such as with city temples

Comparing DCS to Personalized Music (I don't like comparing other mods but I've been asked to do so, also I have not used PM since building CDMS so this
comparision is based on previous experience from back then)
-Music is in suites by location type completely, from the exploration, to the combat, to leveling up or dying the location will determine every type of music that is
used instead of just the explore tracks, an ALL option is also available if you prefer or you can combine them
-DCS has very few cell edits, no edits to player houses or dwarven ruins for example, music works by the location data's keywords as much as possible
-Using keywords allows more options, better mod support, and less conflicts
-PM does not support long combat music, it only supports the vanilla song's finale times, if you use long combat music with PM you've probably
noticed how it gets stuck playing on top of explore for it's entire duration (one of the major things leading me to build my own mod), while it can happen in DCS due to a Skyrim bug (see Known Issues at the bottom of the page for this) it shouldn't happen just because the song is longer and played for longer than a vanilla song
-PM does not support stingers that I'm aware of
-PM does not fix night music to only play at night
-DCS has more options for combat including unique music for almost all major bosses in the game as well as being able to support mod added bosses
-DCS supports 50 or more for explore most of the time & 20-30 or more for each type of combat, all per location meaning DCS allows a lot more
than 1200 files
-DCS supports unique music suites for all regions including the unused ones with all 4 times of day plus an all times of
day option
-DCS supports adding your own combat finale tracks instead of a single silent track for all added combat songs
-DCS supports faction based dungeon music which allows greater music diverisity
-DCS is capable of looping music per location

SnowflakePillow wrote a nice little review of DCS here


SSE Version<-A link to the Skyrim Special Edition version of DCS

-Manual Installation
Do not let the amount of downloads scare you, you only need at minimum 1 to 3 files
Step 1 - Download 1 main file, there are 3 to choose from
-Standard - No special rules here, the folder is what is says it is.
-Simple - Faction dungeon options are removed and only the type matters.
-Personal - 'ALL' only works for exploration, not in dungeons, and the ANY folder in dungeon groups only works on Loredas in-game while the DAY & NIGHT folders do not work on Loredas, it's my way of splitting up lore-friendly & not lore-friendly music.

Step 2 - Download the 1 Unused Regions Fix file you need
-The point of this file is while region combat works out of the box the explore doesn't, while Bethesda created a unique Music Type playlist for each region they didn't actually use them, for example Coast uses Mountain, Forest Fall uses Pine, Reach uses Mountain despite having unique palette tracks, Snow uses Mountain, and you get the idea.

The region fix does conflict with weather mods so download the region fix that works with the weather mod you use or the vanilla one if you don't use a weather mod.  If you're weather mod doesn't appear to be supported ask for a patch or scroll down to the instructions on how to fix it on your own.

Step 3 - Download any Combat ID files you need
-Without these, weak combat and all but the original bosses that already had boss music will not work, simply put no ID file no unique Alduin boss music.
-NOTE: This is actually optional, if you don't want unique bosses nor the weak enemies combat music you don't need one.

Step 4 - Installing the files
-Extract the contents of the DCS downloads to your Skyrim Data folder where Skyrim.esm is found

-Manager installation
1. Download the core file you want, the 1 Unused Regions Fix you need, and any Combat ID files you need.
2. Activate all that you downloaded to install them
3. Ensure you have at least these esps after installing
-DCS - Combat.esp
-DCS - Dungeon.esp
-DCS - Explore.esp
-DCS - Unused Region Fix (not necessarily this esp, use the one and only one you need)
-DCS - Combat ID - Skyrim (Not necessarily this ID esp as they all cover general Skyrim)

-How to Use DCS
The DCS esps just tell the game where to find the music files and how to use them, you still need to add your music files to DCS's folders to have the music in-game.

Step 1 - Download a converter tool from here on Nexus, I only know of 2 at this time. (Skip this step if you already have something that converts to XWM, although I've been told on the DRAkE page WAV can be used but I've never tried that).
Skyrim Audio Converter (Recommended)

Step 2 - Adding your music
1. Extract the converter to anywhere you want it on your computer, it doesn't need to be in the Skyrim folder, and then run it (For Skyrim Audio Converter you may wish to check it's ini file first and change it's default settings for better quality conversions.)
2. Convert your music to XWM with the tool of your choice
3. Go into Music folder found in the same folder as where Skyrim.esm is, and then find and go into the 00DCS folder
4. Browse through the folders making sure to read the text file's names for the XWM details (they are blank txts so no need to open them) and place your music into the folders of your choice. 
5. Once done enable the esps, then start up the game and enjoy, if you renamed and placed your xwms correctly you should hear them in-game now.

NOTE: If you're computer is hiding file extensions you might want to change that to avoid misnaming something (e.g. title.xwm.xwm which won't work).  On Windows usually there is a View button on the top toolbar, click it and find Options or Folder Options then click Change Folder and Search Options if you see it. 

When a new window with 3 tabs on it (General, View, Search) opens, click on View and scroll down until you see Hide extensions for known file types.  Unchecking this box will allow you to see file name extensions like .xwm.

Skyrim Audio Converter Issues Help
When using Skyrim Audio Converter it sometimes files fail to convert, I've been able to fix this almost every single time myself.

The first common thing to check for is that your file name doesn't end with dots like this 'title....wav', this needs to be renamed to 'title.wav' and it
should convert fine after that. 

The next common thing to watch for is that there is no space at the end of the song, such as title .wav, this needs to be renamed to 'title.wav' which should fix the problem.

This last one I'm not sure what causes it but for some files nothing seems wrong but they still fail, the only way I've found to fix this is toss it in Audacity and export it as a new file after which it usually works.  I've also had success just closing and re-opening the converter sometimes.

Unfortunately none of the above works for MultiXWM that I know of but I haven't tried using it in a long time either.

NOTE: Starting a new game if you were using another music mod is recommended and will be probably be needed to avoid any issues that can potentially come with enabling this kind of mod mid-game such as complete silence everywhere or instability from changed cells, while DCS tries not to touch cells directly it can't be avoided completely in a few places like the College of Winterhold or the Marsh.  If you don't have one then you should be fine installing on a save game.


DCS - Combat - This has all of the combat music records and keywords to identify targets as Weak or Boss, if making a new ID file for a mod you'll need this to be a master file, it enables all Combat xwms to be used

DCS - Dungeon - This has all of the dungeon explore music records, it enables all Dungeon, DungeonSearch xwms to be used

DCS - Explore - This has all of the castle, explore, guild, town, & skills menu music records, it enables all Explore, ExploreSearch, Guild, Tavern, Town, & PerkTree xwms to be used

DCS - Unused Regions Fix - Restores the unused Music Type playlists to the regions they seem to have been intended for, I call it a fix because Reach actually has unique music that is never heard in-game due to it using the wrong Music Type.

DCS - Combat ID - These distribute the Weak & Boss keywords from DCS - Combat.esp to npcs and races so that the CombatBoss & CombatWeak tracks get used, without one of these you'll just have CombatDragon & CombatNormal.  Because these edit races & npcs they can conflict with other mods.

DCS - Optional - Stingers - This has all of the stingers records, it enables all of the AlduinDeath, Clear, Death, DiscoverCity, DiscoverDungeon, DiscoverGeneric, DiscoverHighHrothgar, Eclipse, ElderScroll, HelgenIntro, HelgenOutro, LevelUp, OdahviingRide, RavenRockIntro, Reward, Reveal, and Word xwms to be used.

NOTE: Stingers are 1 shots, the game can and will play an empty slot, so if you want to use stingers you MUST fill in every slot, this esp comes in 2 options, normal and simple, and with simple only the ALL folder's STINGERS folder is used.

DCS - Optional - Slower Time - Slows down the in-game time so Dawn & Dusk get a little more use


DCS's folder structure is very similar to it's predecessor. 
Inside the 00DCS folder you have the main group folders (All, Boss, Castle, Chargen, Civil War, Dungeon, Explore, Guild, High Hrothgar, Other, and Town), and then inside some of them sub groups such as the different types of dungeons in the dungeon folder (Cave, Bandit Camp, Nordic Ruins, ect...).

You're going to want to place your xwm files in the folders that have the txt files in them.

-Just move your xwms to the new folders where possible
-You will need to rename any 'Tension' files to 'ExploreSearch or DungeonSearch'
-If using an ID esp fill in some of the CombatWeak & CombatBoss tracks.
-Dragon priest optional file is obsolete, they are covered by CombatBoss in DCS
-Combat Music Alter esp is obsolete, it's built into DCS's Combat esp
-The DCS Slower Time optional is not as slow as the old one so you may wish to keep it instead
-Morthal Fix is obsolete and is built into DCS's Explore esp
-While the older region patches work, they don't cover Coast, DCS's region patches can be used with DRAkE or even by themselves if you wanted
-The old death reload time optional esp is still valid if you want to use it, it may get re-uploaded here later on for convenience but probably won't change

Here's a more thorough run-down of the category folders

The standard limit of explore/dungeon/guild tracks is usually 50 per folder although I did need more than that in some of them, while search (originally known as tension in DRAkE) usually has a limit of 10, the skills menu tracks usually have a limit of 10, the standard limit for combat tracks is usually 20 for each type, some folders have more than that, dungeon sets that have minimal use have a limit of 10 of everything most of the time as well as no DAY & NIGHT options, Ash Spawn & Shipwreck are examples of these limited categories.

ALL - Exactly what it says it is, music placed in this folder will be used almost anywhere, unless you are using the Personal Version, there are some exceptions however, the explore music is NOT used in the Marsh, it doesn't cover anything in the boss folder, guilds folder, castle folder, or taverns in the town folder.

--ALL subfolders
---ANY - Anything in this plays at any time of in-game day
---DAWN - Anything in here is only used from 5 AM to 8 AM in-game
---DAY - Anything in here is only used from 8 AM to 6 PM in-game
----Dungeons only use DAY & NIGHT explore wise, and DAY is from 5 AM to 10 PM
----Town DAY works like vanilla in DCS and is used all day except for at night
---DUSK - Anything in here is only used from 6 PM to 10 PM in-game
---NIGHT - Anything in here is only used from 10 PM to 5 AM in-game
---STINGERS - Anything in here will be heard anywhere, even in dungeons if using the Personal Version, this is the only folder used with the simple version of the Stigners esp

BOSS - These folders are for the unique bosses DCS supports, support for mod added unique bosses is available as well with the BOSS - OTHER folder provided they have been setup with a Combat ID esp to be identified as such.

--BOSS subfolders (These are all the currently supported unique bosses)

---MIRMULNIR (Not really a boss in my opinion but being your first dragon to slay makes it a special fight)
---OTHER (Not used without a Combat ID that uses it such as the Skyrim Immersive Creatures one)
---OTHER DRAGON (Not used without a Combat ID that uses it, none at this time, but it's there if anyone needs it)
---PAARTHURNAX (Like Mirmulnir I don't really consider this one a boss but it's a special battle)

CASTLE - This folder is for exploration music in castles such as Dragonsreach, Castle Dour, Mistveil Keep and so on

CHARGEN - This folder is used while creating your character only if using Live Another Life Alternate Start

CIVIL WAR - This is used for the major city sieges such as Battle for Whiterun

DUNGEON - You'll find all of the supported dungeon types in this folder, each sub folder in here is it's own suite for the location the folder is named for

--DUNGEON subfolders (These are mostly self-explanatory but there are some special rules here so please check the spoiler, and keep in mind the Simple Version ignores a lot of these rules because it removes the categories completely such Bandit Camp doesn't exist in the Simple Version)

---ASH SPAWN - Used in places like High Point Tower or Fort Frostmoth
---BANDIT CAMP - Everything in here plays in dungeons identified by their location data as bandit camps such as Halted Stream or Fort Fellhammer (it's location data doesn't identify it as a fort), but not CW forts like Fort Greenwall, nor places that are not considered locations like the small camps near Helgen, or below Whiterun's exterior

----BANDIT CAMP subfolders (This is the first dungeon folder that has sub folders so they will be explained here, it is not the only one to have them but will be the only one to be explained)
-----ANY - Plays at any time of day
-----DAY - Plays from 5 AM to 10 PM
-----NIGHT - Plays from 10 PM to 5 AM
-----STINGERS - Used at anytime

---BLACKREACH - Everything in here plays while in Blackreach, or at least the cave part of it, other sections may use Dwarven Ruins
---CAVE - Used in non faction caves such as animal dens or spriggan groves like Moss Mother, but not places like Embershard Mine which is a Bandit Camp
---DRAGON PRIEST LAIR - Used in dungeons identified by their location data as dragon priest lairs such as Forelhost and Skuldafn, this overrides the normal Nordic Ruins set.
---DRAUGR CRYPT - Used in non Nordic Ruins draugr crypts such as Haldir's Cairn & Sojund's Sinkhole.
---DWARVEN RUINS - This one overrides any faction associations, if it's a bandit camp in a dwarven ruin it's still going to be this set
---FALMER HIVE - Plays in any Non dwarven ruin falmer hives including Frostflow Lighthouse
---FORT - Plays in most forts such as Greymore, Snowhawk, Dunstadd, Kastav, Treva's Watch and so on regardless of who currently owns them, does not play in Helgen
---HAGRAVEN NEST - Some places you think would be forsworn camps are actually Hagraven Nests in which case this set gets used
---ICE - Like CAVE this is only used for non faction ice caves like Steepfall
---NORDIC RUINS - Used for any non faction Nordic Ruins
---RIEKLING CAMP - Used for almost any Riekling Camps
---SHIPWRECK - Plays around or inside ships and shipwrecks such as the Winter War or Katariah, overrides faction associations
---WARLOCK LAIR - Plays in any non CW fort warlock lairs such as Hobs Fall or Illinalta's Deep

EXPLORE - You'll find all of the supported region types in this folder, like dungeons each folder in here is it's own suite

--EXPLORE subfolders (No special rules here, check the spoiler if you want to know more though)

---COAST - Used for almost all of northern Skyrim, from Solitude to Windhelm
---ECLIPSE - Used for the duration of an eclipse caused by Auriel's Bow
---FOREST - FALL - Used in the Rift
---FOREST - PINE - Mostly used in Falkreath hold but there are some places in Eastmarch it gets used
---MARSH - Used in the marsh area of northern Skyrim where Morthal is found
---MOUNTAIN - Used in various places, most notably High Hrothgar's exterior and Throat of the World, and I think most dragon lairs
---MOUNTAIN SOLSTHEIM - Used in a large portion of Solstheim
---REACH - Used in the Reach
---SNOW - Used in the snowy regions of Skyrim such as The Pale, Winterhold, and some of Eastmarch
---SNOW - SOLSTHEIM - Used in a large portion of Solstheim
---TUNDRA - Mostly used in Whiterun but also some of Hjaalmarch such as near Robber's Gorge
---VAMPIRE LORD - Used anywhere while you are in Vampire Lord form
---VOLCANIC ASH - Used in probably half of Solstheim, you'll hear this in Raven Rock
---WEREWOLF - Used anywhere while you are in Werewolf form

GUILD - You'll find all of the supported guild types in this folder, sometimes their own suite sometimes just exploration

--GUILD subfolders (there are some explanations here so please check this one)

---BLADES - Used in Skyhaven after it's been declared a good place to use for a hideout, until Alduin's Wall is completed it will be silent, if it's still silent after that you have a conflict problem, Animated Armory for example adds a weapon here and thus conflicts, load DCS - Explore.esp below Animated Armory before entering the area or it may not work on that save game at all, the weapon will still be there don't worry.
---COLLEGE - Used in the College of Winterhold, there is intro silence here until after you have joined
---COMPANIONS - Used in Jorvasskr, no intro silence with this one
---DARK BROTHERHOOD - Used in both sanctuaries, note there is intro silence here for a dramatic effect until after being welcomed in which the guild tracks will then be used, unless you are hostile in which the dungeon tracks in this folder will be used
---DAWNGUARD - Used in Fort Dawnguard, music changes depending on if you are friend or foe
---THIEVES - Used in the Ragged Flagon and Cistern, there is intro silence here until you've been allowed into the Cistern
---VAMPIRE - Used in Castle Volkihar, like the Dawnguard set music is friend or foe based although the dungeon portion will use the dungeon tracks regardless

HIGH HROTHGAR - Anything in this folder will be heard inside High Hrothgar, self-explanatory really

OTHER - This folder is intended as an alternate to ALL, it works like ALL except for any place not covered by the other folders, mostly intended for mod added new lands but there are a few undefefined places in Skyrim it gets used such as the Ratway vaults in Riften.  Combat & Dungeon tracks are found only inside the ANY folder here while town is found in all folders.

TOWN - You'll find all of the supported town types in this folder including taverns.

--TOWN subfolders (nothing really important to know here but check if you want to)

---HOME - Used in places designated by their location data as being a Player Home, if the location data doesn't have the PlayerHouse keyword AND use the normal Town Music Type playlist this won't be used
----DAY - It should be noted that town day is like vanilla in DCS and plays from DAWN to NIGHT.
---TAVERN - Used for inns found in small towns like Riverwood
---TAVERN - CITY - Used for inns in major cities like the Bannered Mare in Whiterun
---TEMPLE - Used inside any Temple of the Divines such as the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun

(NOTE: All music mod esps that change vanilla Music Types are incompatible but you can still use the music files they have if you convert them to xwm (if needed), rename, and move them to the DCS folders where you want them used)

Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2 (with Unused Region Fix AOS patch)
Main Menu Music Replacers (No Patch needed, Main Menu music is handled differently from the in-game music and I can't even find a way to change
it in the Creation Kit otherwise that would be covered by DCS as well)
Minty Lightning Mod (No Patch Needed)
Morning Fogs (No Patch Needed)
Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics (No Patch Needed)
Natural Skyrim Rain (No Patch Needed)
Reverb and Ambience Overhaul (No Patch Needed)
Sound mods that don't edit the default regions
Sounds of Skyrim
Supreme Storms (No Patch Needed)
Supreme and Volumetric Fog (No Patch Needed)
True Storms Thunder and Rain Redone (No Patch Needed)
Vivid Weathers (with Unused Region Fix VW patch)
Weather and Ambience Overhaul (with Unused Region Fix WAO patch)
Wet & Cold Ashes (with Unused Region Fix WC patch)
Mods that disable combat music apparently
Most any other mod as long as it doesn't edit the default Music Type records

Delarics Conditional Combat Music
Personalized Music
Epic Music Overhaul
Expanded Skyrim Weather (I've been unsuccessful at creating a patch for this)
Any other weather mod I'm unaware of (ask for a patch for your favorite weather mod)
Mods that change the default Music Type lists


Adam Frechette MP3 Music Compilation
Additional Music_1
Additional Music _2
Additional Music_3
Additional Music Project
Battle Music For Oblivion
CaptainCreepy - Skyrim Music Pack 1

Carels music for Oblivion
Combat Music - Dragon theme
Dawn of Hope Music Add-on
Digital Nightmare
Glory Days - Music Of Skyrim
Immersive Music
JDR Soundtrack Compliation
Magic College Music - Songs for Academy
Music Pack 1
Music Pack 2
Musical Lore (Soundtrack Mod By Nir Shor)
Nordic and Slavic Music
Oblivion Music 109 - Customized for BetterMusicSystemy Soundtrack
Oblivion Music Overdose
Oblivion Symphonic Variations Music Suite
Original Symphonic Music
Relax music for Skyrim
Skyrim Music Pack 1
Skyrim Soundtrack Expansion
Symphonies of Skyrim
True Medieval Tavern Music


Q-I'm not hearing anything, just silence, the mod doesn't work.

A- The game can't tell what you've filled in and haven't filled in, if you're standing in the middle of the Whiterun plains and not hearing anything then it's most likely playing empty tracks, to fix this you just need to add more xwms or edit the esps to have less tracks.   It is also possible you're hearing a vanilla palette's silence spacer track.

Q-My combat music is taking a long time to end and my songs are within the 6 min limit.

A- Open menus that normally pause the game, whether it's the main menu, journal, or even inventory prevent combat music from ending, in fact if the song ends while you're in a menu it will start playing another combat track.  Also I'm pretty sure songs require a minimum of 3 seconds in before they can end.

Q-My CombatBoss or CombatWeak doesn't seem to work.

A- You've probably got another mod loading below the ID esp that is removing the added keyword or that enemy is not edited by the ID esp, which if it's a mod added enemy is probably the case and you'll need to edit it and add the keywords 00DCCombatBossGeneric if it's not a special boss, or 00DCSCombatBossSpecial00NormalLockout & 00DCSCombatBossSpecialOtherMods in which case the BOSS - OTHER or BOSS - OTHER DRAGON folder should then be used for that enemy, for weak enemies just add the 00DCSCombatWeak keyword, if the enemies are also used by an Actor that uses a Leveled Character list with Use Traits set you may need to set that actor for Use Keywords as well.

Q-My CombatBoss works but not with groups of enemies.

A- I know, Skyrim's music system is first come first serve, whichever enemy starts combat with you first is what the music gets based on usually, what I do about this myself is put all the non-weak music as CombatNormal and then duplicate the best tracks as CombatBoss.

Q-Did you remove the vanilla music?

A- Yes, I found with older builds this got requests quite a bit.  Just extract them from the BSAs and add them into DCS's folders however you would like them to be used, the spoiler below will note every non palette vanilla music file, where to find them, and what they are named that I know of.


Tooth and Claw - mus_combat_01 (Official release version seems different, so if you have it use both, would recommend original for day and released one for night or weak fights perhaps)
Steel on Steel - mus_combat_02 (Combat 01 & 02 are the only songs used in Civil War)
Caught Off Guard - mus_combat_03
Blood and Steel - mus_combat_04 & mus_combat_04_cg (these seem the same)
Death or Sovngarde - mus_combat_06
? - mus_combat_boss & mus_combat_boss_cg (these seems the same)
One They Fear - mus_combat_boss_02
Watch the Skies - mus_combat_boss_03
Dawn - mus_explore_morning_01
Distant Horizons - mus_explore_morning_02
Under an Ancient Sun - mus_explore_day_01
From Past to Present - mus_explore_day_02 & mus_town_day_02 (these seem the same)
Frostfall - mus_explore_day_03
The Jerall Mountains - mus_explore_day_04 (TownDay05 in the CK and not used for Explore if I recall)
The White River - mus_explore_day_05
Unbroken Road - mus_explore_day_06 (Only used during reading the Elder Scroll sequence)
Journey's End - mus_explore_day_07
Far Horizons - mus_explore_day_08
Wind Guide You - mus_explore_day_09
The Gathering Storm - mus_explore_dusk_01
Tundra - mus_explore_dusk_02
Sky Above, Voice Within - mus_explore_dusk_03
Kyne's Peace - mus_explore_night_01
Secunda - mus_explore_night_02
Masser - mus_explore_night_03
Solitude - mus_explore_night_04
Aurora - mus_explore_night_05
Standing Stones - mus_explore_night_06
Imperial Throne - mus_castle_imperial_01
Dragonsreach - mus_castle_stormcloaks
The City Gates - mus_town_day_01
From Past to Present - mus_town_day_02
The Streets of Whiterun - mus_town_day_03
Ancient Stones - mus_town_day_04
Out of the Cold - mus_tavern_01 (Not used in major cities)
The Bannered Mare - mus_tavern_02 (Not used in major cities)
A Winter's Tale - mus_tavern_03 (Not used in small towns)
A Chance Meeting - mus_tavern_04 (Not used in small towns)
Around the Fire - mus_tavern_05 (Not used in small towns)
Into Darkness - mus_dungeon_01
Silence Unbroken - mus_dungeon_02
Silent Footsteps - mus_dungeon_03
Death in the Darkness - mus_dungeon_cave_01
? - mus_dungeon_cave_02
Shadows and Echoes - mus_dungeon_cave_03
Shattered Shields - mus_dungeon_fort_01
Towers and Shadows - mus_dungeon_fort_02
Beneath the Ice - mus_dungeon_ice_01 
Beneath the Ice - mus_dungeon_ice_02
Sovngarde - mus_sovngarde_chant_lp
? - mus_discover_dread_01
? - mus_discover_dread_02
? - mus_discover_dread_03
? - mus_discover_dread_04
Night Without Stars - mus_dread_01
? - mus_dread_02
? - mus_dread_03
? - mus_dread_04
? - mus_discover_genericlocation_01
? - mus_discover_genericlocation_02
? - mus_discover_genericlocation_03
Seven Thousand Steps - mus_discover_highhrothgar
? - mus_levelup_01 (01 is also used for riding Odahviing)
? - mus_levelup_02 (also used for Alduin Death)
? - mus_levelup_03
? - mus_reveal_01
? - mus_reveal_02
? - mus_reveal_03
? - mus_reveal_04
? - mus_reward_01 (Rewards are also used for Clear)
? - mus_reward_02
? - mus_reward_03
? - mus_reward_04
? - mus_failure_01 (these are aka death music)
? - mus_failure_02
? - mus_failure_03
? - mus_failure_04
? - mus_failure_05
? - mus_failure_06
? - mus_failure_07
Awake - mus_special_cartintro_01 (Helgen Intro)
Before the Storm - mus_intro (Helgen Outro)
? - mus_special_wordofpower_01
? - mus_special_wordofpower_02
? - mus_special_wordofpower_03
? - mus_stinger_01 (unused alternate version of failure 04)
? - mus_stinger_02 (seems the same as failure 05)
? - mus_stinger_03 (seems the same as failure 06)
? - mus_stinger_04 (seems the same as failure 07)
? - mus_village_01 (These are used for discovering towns)
? - mus_village_02
? - mus_village_01
Dragonborn - mus_maintheme
? - mus_explore_dlc_falmervalley_01
? - mus_dungeon_dlc_soulcairn_01
? - mus_dungeon_dlc_vampirecastle_01
? - mus_dungeon_dlc_vampirecastle_02
? - mus_eclipse_01
Over the Next Hill - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_01 (All of these were used for any time of day)
Peaceful Waters - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_02
The Road Most Traveled - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_03
Blessing of Vivec - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_04
Silt Sunrise - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_05
Shed Your Travails - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_06
Caprice - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_07
? - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_08
? - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_09
? - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_10
? - mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_11
? - mus_dungeon_dlc2apocrypha_01 (These seem the same as vampire castle in Dawnguard)
? - mus_dungeon_dlc2apocrypha_02
? - mus_dlc2boatarrival_01 (Raven Rock Intro)

Q-Werewolf music doesn't seem to work

A- It does work but you will probably need to enter the Werewolf skills menu after transforming to give it a kick and it might take a few tries.

Q-Music sometimes gets stuck ONLY playing in the Perk Tree and goes silent when out of the Perk Tree, but it does go back to normal upon leaving the

A-Places with their music set as NONE will do this because that's the only way to get it to work in the Skills Menu that I've found, normally it plays up until you first go into the skills menu though and then it only plays in the menu until you leave that location.

Q-Search tracks seem slow to transition to, why?

A-Search tracks are explore tracks with an In Combat condition, since they are explore tracks they will replace explore once the currently playing track finishes or is forcibly switched (such as going into the Skills Menu or into a new area).

Q-Sometimes combat music gets stuck playing with the explore starting up again, any ideas why?

A-I don't fully know the cause for this but I have a few thoughts, the first assuming it's not that it's gone over it's finale cue points is that a stinger gets played the exact same time combat gets called for, I've had this same thing happen with explore tracks if you start from Whiterun and leave quickly, the discover city stinger you get at the gates whether you are using the Stingers esp or not seems to cause town & explore to stack making them play on top of each other, going into the skills menu doesn't fix this either, you can either let it play out or save & load.  This is definitely a Skyrim bug though and not a DCS bug.

Q-My music completely stopped working what's the deal?

A-Possibly you've gone out of bounds of what is generally considered a playable area, I noticed sounds such as wind usually completely stops when this happens as well, a good example is swimming farther out than you normally would be allowed to.  The other possibility is something I haven't figured out yet, and I would guess is a Skyrim bug, it might be caused by the finale track being too short, vanilla finale tracks are from 10 to 34 seconds long, I usually use 6 seconds minimal but I tried using very short 1 to 2 seconds stinger type tracks a few to,es and this happens every now and then with these specific tracks with the short finales.

Q-Is the Unused Region Fix really needed?

A-Yes and no, while not required for the mod to work Coast, Forest - Fall, Marsh, Reach, Snow, Snow Solstheim, and Volcanic will use their original default music for exploring and the combat music will no longer match.  Also the Reach does have unique music in vanilla that is unused because of the incorrect playlist.

Q-I don't have enough room for the Region Fix esp, I've hit my esp limit so can I merge it or something?

A-You can probably merge it but if you use a weather mod or region editing sound mod like AOS what you should do is add the Region Fix changes to whichever of those are closest to the bottom of your load order so you can toss the Region Fix esp out.

Q-Ok I want to do that, so what changes are in the Region Fix that I need to add to my weather or region editing sound mod?

A-What we need to do is change a few Region's Music Types to use the unused Music Types apparently meant for them.  
If you want to use TES5Edit for this....
1. Load up your weather or sound mod in TES5Edit
2. Expand the esp's contents by clicking the box beside its name
3. Expand the Region contents the same way
4. For each region we need to change you'll want to scroll through the records on the right pane and find RDMO - Music near the bottom after
all the Weather Types and before Sounds which should have MUSExploreForestPine or something similar next to it
5. For WeatherCoast - change from MUSExploreMountain to MUSExploreCoast
5. For WeatherDarklightTower - change from MUSExploreForestPine to MUSExploreForestFall
6. For WeatherFallForest do the same as DarklightTower
7. For WeatherFallForestNoPrecip do the same again
8. For WeatherRavenRock01 change from empty to DLC2MUSExploreSolstheimGeneral
9. For WeatherReach change from MUSExploreTundra to MUSExploreReach
10. For WeatherSkallVillage01 from MUSExploreSnow to DLC2MUSExploreSnow
11. For WeatherSnow change from MUSExploreMountain to MUSExploreSnow
12. For WeatherSnowNoPrecip do the same
13. For WeatherTundraMarsh change from MUSExploreTundra (or NONE if using AOS) to MUSExploreMarsh
14. For Marsh to work properly you also need to scroll all the way to top and the empty space for Region Data Entries you need to Right-Click and
choose Add then check the box for Override
15. For WeatherTundraMarshNoPrecip do both again
16. For WeatherVolcanicAsh01 and WeatherVolcanicAsh02 repeat what you did for RavenRock
17. Done, you should no longer need a Region Fix esp

If you want to use the Creation Kit...
1. Open the CK and on the top left corner click on File and then Data...
2. Find your weather or sound mod esp, click on it to highlight it,  clickon the Set as Active File button, and let it load clicking Yes to All
for all of the warnings that pop up no matter what esp you load (seriously these pop up with just the vanilla ESMs loaded)
3. On the same top bar find and click on World and then Regions
4. Use the Drop Down list in the upper left corner to find DLC2SolstheimWorld
5. Scroll down the Region Name list to find the RavenRock, SkaalVillage, DLC2Snow, VolcanicAsh weathers mentioned above in the 'If you want to
use TES5Edit'
6. Highlight the weather by clicking on it and on the right side click on the Sound tab
7. Use the Music Type drop down list to change the music as mentioned above in the 'If you want to use TES5Edit' section, do this for all of
the Dragonborn added regions
8. In the Upper left corner use the drop down list again to find Tamriel and find and change the default Skyrim weathers mentioned above in the 'If you want to use TES5Edit' section as well
9. Once done close out of the Regions window and on the top bar click on File again and this time click on Save, after that you can click on File again and Exit
10. Done, you should no longer need a Region Fix esp

Q-Will this mod cause my music to go silent upon uninstalling like most do?

A-Actually no it shouldn't because everything is in the original Music Type lists except maybe in the College which is originally silent to begin with.

Q-I have combat songs over 6 minutes that I really want to use, can you increase the timing so I can use them?

A-No sorry, I would have to increase ALL of them and there's a lot more records than what meets your eyes from looking in the folders, but you can do it for the ones you need it for.  Also I do actually use songs over 6 min, so you may not need to, check the esp to see the Music Track records, at the end of their names I have a zx_#min## to note this is extended over the 6 min limit.

Q-You said I could increase the timing for longer combat songs....but how do I do that?

A-Here's a step by step guide for you to do just that.
1. Load up DCS - Combat.esp in the Creation Kit and wait for it to load.
2. On the Left Panel, find Audio and expand it, then find Music Track and click on it.
3. The fastest way to do this is use the Filter above that panel (e.g. you are needing Fall, so you type in the filter Fall).
4. Once you've found the record you are looking for, open it up and on the Single Track tab you should see Cue Points with an Add button.
5. Keep adding 3 - 5 seconds with the Add button until you have the timing you need. You will have to figure out the numbers yourself, such as needing 370 for 6min10 or so.  My advice is toss the song in Audacity, highlight the whole thing and check how long the song is in seconds.
6. Save and Exit