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Replaces the Wolves Aggro, Howl and Distant Howls with singular wolves.

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Simply put, I, like many, do not like some of the vanilla wolf sounds.

For the moment this covers the Aggro bark, Howl, and Distant Howls.
As, and if, i find good sounds for the others Ill add them in.

Preview of Sounds: In order, Aggro, Howl, Distant Howl.

Wolf Sounds Preview

The sounds are of real wolves. But a single one each time.
Similar mods do a good job but often are of different animals (that some don't
care for), or have multiple wolves in the audio (making survival mode an

If anyone happens to put a video of the sounds, please send me a link and Ill post it here with credit given.


Can be installed or removed at any time as its just wav files.