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Makes the drinks in the base game useful by providing minor buffs which stack independently of potions.

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A mod which I have greatly enjoyed in all my playthroughs is Wow-like Food Overhaul by Ninakoru. It gives small but long-lasting bonuses to all the vanilla food items, which makes it worth eating food even without being forced to by a survival mod. However, WLFO does not touch drinks at all, which has always somewhat annoyed me.    

So finally, I set out to make an extension mod that would make the same kind of changes to vanilla drink items. Once I got started, I started realizing why WLFO may not have touched drinks: Half the drink items in vanilla Skyrim are quest items that only ever appear once!   

Well, that's the first thing this mod changes. Every single drink item (alcoholic beverage) can now be found in shops, but some are more rare than others. However, this mod does not add any new items. It is meant to be a lightweight and close to vanilla as possible.  

Just like with WLFO, all the bonuses provided by drinks are the same archetype as the bonuses provided by vanilla potions. However, the drinks from this mod will stack independently from both food items changed by WLFO and potions, which means you could stack bonuses from all three different sources at the same time. If two drinks have the same effect however, the higher power one will override the lower power one.    

How it works

This mod aims to make all the drinks in the game useful by making them provide minor buffs. These can be skill buffs, resistances, fortify hp/mp/sp, basically all the kind of bonuses you can find in vanilla standard potions. 

Furthermore, all the drinks in the game are divided into 3 different categories which correlate with different effect archetypes:   
  •  Beers will instantly restore 25 health/magicka/stamina and lower your magicka/stamina regen by 20% in addition to other effects
  •  Wines will instantly restore 35 health/magicka/stamina and lower your magicka/stamina regen by 30% in addition to other effects
  •  Liquors do not restore any health/magicka/stamina and lower your magicka/stamina regen by 50% but have much higher magnitude bonuses

All duration based effects from drinks will last 180 seconds or 3 minutes. Bonuses of the same time will not stack, but the magicka/stamina regen malus will stack, just like in vanilla. So if you get too "drunk", you will find your stamina or magicka barely regenerating at all. 

There are also two different rarities for each type of drink. Common drinks will almost always be carried by merchants (in this case mostly innkeepers) while rare drinks either only appear rarely as a random item in shops or are only found in one place. Also, merchants on mainland Skyrim will have a small chance of "importing" a drink type from Solstheim, except for Sadri's Sujamma, which understandably is exclusive to Geldis Sadri's tavern.  

Common Beers include:
  • Ale
  • Black-Briar Mead
  • Honningbrew Mead
  • Nord Mead
  • Mazte (on Solstheim)
  • Ashfire Mead (on Solstheim)
Rare Beers include:
  • Mead with Juniper Berry (can be found in Helgen in addition to rarely in shops)
  • Argonian Ale
  • Dragon's Breath Mead
  • White-Gold Tower (only sold by Talen-Jei in Riften)

Common Wines include:
  • Alto Wine
  • Alto Wine 2 (now renamed to Nordic Ice Wine)
  • Wine
  • Wine 2 (now renamed to Sweet Wine)
  • Firebrand Wine
  • Shein (on Solstheim)
Rare Wines include:
  • Argonian Bloodwine (also found in Hearthfire houses)
  • Surilie Brothers Wine (also found in Hearthfire houses)
  • Black-Briar Reserve (sold in Black-Briar Meadery and rarely elsewhere)
  • Spiced Wine (sold by Evette San in Solitude and rarely elsewhere)
  • Jessica's Wine
  • Emberbrand Wine (introduced by Dragonborn but there's no indication it's exclusive to Solstheim)
  • Velvet Lechance (only sold by Talen-Jei in Riften)

Common Liquors include:
  • Cyrodilic Brandy
  • Flin (on Solstheim)
  • Sujamma (on Solstheim)
  • Sadri's Sujamma (on Solstheim)
Rare Liquors include:
  • Colovian Brandy
  • Stros M'kai Rum
  • Cliff Racer (only sold by Talen-Jei in Riften)  

When it comes to beers and wines, the common brands will only have 1 additional effect on top of the archetype baseline, while rare brands will have 2 effects. Common liquors will have 2 effects while rare liquors will have 3 effects.  

Basically, most of the drinks that used to be exclusive quest items are now rare drinks which are something to keep an eye out for when visiting inns. However, to make things more interesting, I have also edited the LeveledItem for enemy NPC drink drops to have equal chance between all drink types, so you may occasionally find a rare drink off a bandit.  

Miscellaneous changes

As you may have noticed above, there are actually two types of Alto Wine and Wine in the game. Since they are fundamentally two different items, I figured I might as well take the chance to add more variety to the set of drinks in the game. I gave them names which I thought would be immersive and lore-friendly. 

The name of the drink Mazte is misspelled as "Matze" in the vanilla game. USLEEP fixes this. My mod does not depend on USLEEP but I have forwarded this fix.

In the vanilla game, several items which are clearly meant to be alcoholic beverages are not marked properly as drinks, either missing the VendorItemFood keyword (makes them untradeable to food merchants) or not being flagged as Food (makes them appear under potions in inventory). USLEEP fixes at least some of these. But my mod needs all of them to behave like normal drinks, so naturally I changed them accordingly. 

There is also a new container in QASmoke which contains all the drinks touched by this mod (which is all the drinks in the game). I used it for testing, but I figured I might as well leave it in so others can do the same.

Furthermore, the prices of all the drinks have been adjusted to be more logical. Liquors cost more than wines which cost more than beers. Name brand and rare drinks cost more than generic drinks. Basically, drinks are priced the way you would realistically expect them to be priced. Black-Briar Mead is intentionally overpriced garbage, as the in-game lore would indicate.


Requires all DLC in Skyrim Legendary Edition: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn.

This mod changes the records of all the drink items in the game (which conveniently happen to all be listed above) and a few LeveledItems which are used by merchants and NPC loot considered to be in the category of "junk loot".  

This mod is designed to complement Wow-like Food Overhaul and the two plugins can be safely merged without issue. 


Feel free to translate this mod or port to SE, as long as you give credit and link to this mod page.