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Overhaul of the city of Riften with custom meshes in vanilla style. Works with texture mods.

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Attention!: Alpha Version


This is an - as of yet - early version of a city overhaul for Riften that has been lying on my drive for nearly a year.


While there are some minor issues with collision and perhaps navmesh it is still pretty functional. It will however be expanded upon quite a bit until the final version.


Texture replacement mods should work fine as this just references the vanilla texture paths. Mods that change the area however are incompatible. Mesh replacers like SMIM won't affect this mod so it might look a bit odd at times but shouldn't be incompatible.

Future Plans:

There aren't any as of yet, I usually just work on what I feel like. I'm not sure when I will return to this project which is why I'm releasing it now. If you have any suggestions or ideas I'm always open for them.


I try to have the permissions as open as possible. Feel free to use the custom assets for your own mods, make patches for this one, etc. You can port it to Skyrim Special Edition on PC/XBOX/Toaster/Whatever, however be aware that I will upload my own version of this for SE once it is completed to ensure that I can maintain support.