Lanterns on the Roads by Svabbarjack
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Lanterns on the Roads

It can indeed be dangerous to travel at night in Skyrim. Since many merchants and travellers have been killed by bandits and monsters when travelling at night, the jarls of Skyrim have agreed to put out lanterns on all major roads.

They aren't too many of them so that it looks ridiculous but they do the trick and they really add to the immersion. I would recommend using this mod with a mod that darkens the nights, atleast that's what I've done and it's wonderful! The mod is quite simple (altough it took a few hours to handplace all the lanterns...) but it's carefully done. The lanterns are fewer when you're out on the countryside but when you are closing in on a town you will notice that there are much more of them.

The 1.2 update is finally here, featuring lanterns off during daytime! They are also 50% less.
Update 1.3 beta is now up and it's now "cleaned" with help from mannygt. Use this and if it should conflict (I don't think it will) then use the version 1.2 instead.

The lightning has also been adjusted from the normal lanterns (found in for example Solitude). It's much warmer and realistic lightning that I think fits great with those dark, chilly nights in Skyrim.

You may also want to check out my other mod, "Creepy Dungeons" that lowers the lightening in all dungeons in Skyrim. However this mod was a long shot so it may conflict with other mods that alter dungeons.

But please; do not re-upload this mod or anything like that without asking me and giving me creds. It would really hurt my feelings... Do enjoy!