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Adds much needed mushrooms to Eastmarch.

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Most of Skyrim is too cold for large fungi, but not the hot springs of Eastmarch!

I always wondered why there were no mushrooms here. It's a hot steamy patch of land with a lot of water...perfect for mushrooms!  I did find a mod on the Nexus that added mushrooms. It was a large flora makeover however, and that is not what I wanted.  So I made this simple mod to add a few shroom clusters scattered around the springs. I kept placement minimal and tried to keep from going overboard with it. The mushrooms are from Dragonborn DLC, so it is required for the mod to work. If the placement affects any mod you have installed in the same location, the offending shrooms may be easily deleted with console commands...or moved with Jaxonz Positioner.

It is also compatible with all languages and I consider it lore friendly. How... you ask?

We know many Dunmer fled west into Eastmarch, and the Rift following the explosion of Red Mountain. It is not difficult to imagine  travel weary dark elves trudging along, footsore and heartbroken. Stopping to rest and perhaps wash the blood, mud, and tears from their worn clothing in the hot springs. Spores from the Dunmer homeland slowly colonize the rocky ground. The mycelium eventually producing fruiting bodies many years after the eruption. A living memorial to the suffering and perseverance of Skyrim's dark elves.   

I decided to share this simple .ESP  in the hope it adds a little something extra to your Skyrim. 


Hi everyone!
For those interested FungusAmungUs has been replaced with Grievheim. The same mushrooms with added effects and a player home nestled in the fungi. With some added backstory as well.